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240406 Enfabulation Hamecon credit Maryse Boyce 1920x1080

Past Event


Enfabulation: mordre à l’hameçon

April 6, 2024

Come listen to stories (in French) on being gullible or the butt of a joke, on pulling a fast one or taking the bait. These stories of trickeries large and small will be told with all the humour of a good April Fools’ prank

Performance Storytelling
PHI Event Centre Enfabulation party de famille COVER

Past Event


Le party de famille d’Enfabulation

December 9, 2023

The return of a cherished tradition: building up the courage to face the holidays by telling ourselves stories (in French) about family. An inexhaustible subject!

Performance Storytelling
PHI Event Centre Enfabulation histoires de peur COVE Rv2


Enfabulation – Histoires de peur

November 12, 2022

In the middle of the Month of the Dead, Enfabulation brings you stories in French about fear in all its forms

Performance Storytelling
PHI Event duoenvitring 1920x1080 COVER


Duo en Vitrine

October 1, 2022

An in situ performance by a loving duo presented on a soundtrack made from testimonies of citizen’s love stories

Performance Theatre
PHI Event Enfabulation COVER


Enfabulation - Ne parlons pas de politique!

September 17, 2022

In the midst of an election campaign, Enfabulation brings you stories in French of alliances and battles, struggles of the personal or societal

Performance Storytelling
Vision HIPHOPQC Cover Discussionsweb 1920x1080 Conversations


Discussion Series: Visions Hip-Hop QC

February 17 March 24, 2022

Take part in a special 4-part discussion series featuring some of the most prolific rappers, producers, artists, and managers from Quebec’s hip-hop scene

Discussion Music