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Nilalang papier 001
Joliz Dela Peña, Nilalang, 2021. Photo: Em-P L’Abbée

Papier Art Fair 2022: Making Contradictions Visible: Artistic Practices in the Public Sphere

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Grand Quay of the Port of Montréal 200 de la Commune Street W.

Friday, August 26, 2022 from 2 PM to 3 PM

In person (with an admission fee)
Access to Papier’s Educational Program is included in your ticket to the fair. Book your ticket on Weezevent.

Online (free)
The panel discussion will be livestreamed on the Facebook event.

As part of the Papier 2022 Art Fair programming, the PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art presents the panel discussion Making Contradictions Visible: Artistic Practices in the Public Sphere, with Fiona Annis, Véronique La Perrière M, Joliz Dela Peña and Victoria Carrasco.

Public art is at the peak of its visibility when first inaugurated. As time passes, it is up to the viewer to interpret the work, often without context or mediation. This opacity becomes a condition that is reappropriated by artists working within the public sphere, in projects that are markedly performative, ephemeral or furtive, or that aim to leave no material or spatial trace. How are ‘invisible’ practices remembered within the context of public art? 

In this conversation, the panelists will present projects that touch on public art, gender disparity, memory, and archives. Fiona Annis and Véronique La Perrière M of the Society of Affective Archives will present their public art projects L’étreinte des temps (2019) and Ad Astra (2021), and Joliz Dela Peña will present the performance Nilalang (2021), which was part of Artch in 2021. This conversation will be moderated by Victoria Carrasco, Adjunct Curator of Public Programs at the PHI Foundation.

This presentation will be in English.


Joliz Dela Peña
Joliz Dela Peña, also known as JDP 2009, is a self-taught interdisciplinary artist from the Philippines, currently based in Tiohtià:ke. Intimate connection to memories, identity, and immigration are recurring themes in Dela Pena’s practice. Through performance accompanied by installations, she pursues to relive realities, explore its complexities, and translate invisible tension/s into various visual and tactile qualities.

In recent works, she attempts to translate fragmented memories from her personal life as first-generation immigrant, as well as borrowed from others, to create a larger and more universal perspective for the audience to relate or connect to.

Dela Peña’s work has been exhibited at WIP gallery (The ‘i’ Word, 2020), Rad Hourani Foundation (Je suis d’ici/I am from here, 2021), the 4th edition of Artch (2021). And recently in the 14th edition of Art Souterrain Festival: Voies/Voix Résilientes.

The Society of Affective Archives
The Society of Affective Archives is a collective entity dedicated to artistic collaboration, the production of affective archives, and the preservation of peripheral knowledge. Inspired by the image of the rhizome, a form wherein multiple paths converge and divide in a continual process of transformation, the collective draws upon the principles of experimentation and creative encounters. Animated by the collection and safeguarding of that which lies on the cusp of disappearing or at the margins of consciousness, the Society is a romantic conceptual exploration conceived by its founding members, Fiona Annis and Véronique La Perrière M. Since 2010, they have jointly explored the territory of research and creation in the visual arts.

With collaboration at the heart of its mandate, The Society of Affective Archives seeks to foster encounters between different disciplines, cultures, and epochs. With a practice that embraces diverse modes of research, the collective pursues the creation of artworks, or affective archives, that resonate with past, present, and future generations. Thus, the “affective” archive is proposed as a prism for the imagination and a means of envisioning both the past and the future.

With an approach that reflects a sustained interest in the organic world and the handmade, the Society explores the media of public art, sculpture, artist books, film and performance. Notable projects of the Society include the acquisition of a sculptural installation by the Museum of Civilization of Quebec City, the realization of a major public artwork for the Tiohtià:ke Otsirà'kehne park on the Mount Royal in Montreal, and a multimedia art and architecture integration project for the medical library of the University of Montreal Health Centre (CHUM).

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