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PHI Event Centre The Fury COVE Rv2
Exhibition Immersion

The Fury by Shirin Neshat

June 28 August 20

The Fury is a striking and moving tale about the enduring trauma experienced by a fictional female political prisoner

The PHI Centre is at the intersection of art, film, music, design and technology. Through eclectic programming and a strong emphasis on content creation, the PHI Centre fosters unexpected encounters between artists and audiences.

PHI Event Centre Chaos et memoires COVER
Experience Immersion

Last Chance

Chaos & Memories

March 22 June 11

An exhibition comprising a British immersive installation and four award-winning Taiwanese virtual reality works that take us through personal, empirical and historical experiences

Installation Public Art


Water Road

November 24 July 10

The PHI Centre building comes to life with an interactive multimedia installation of a motion-activated river on its four-story windows on Saint-Pierre Street

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The technologies & possibilities are numerous.