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PHI Antenne Conversation JM Othoniel P Greenberg COVER Credit Alex Blouin
Photo: The Golden Spiral by Jean-Michel Othoniel / Alex Blouin

Conversations Between Artists: Jean-Michel Othoniel and Phoebe Greenberg

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Birthed from a collaborative project with the PHI Studio, Jean-Michel Othoniel and Phoebe Greenberg discuss the evolution of technology and its applications in art.

During the conversation, the two artists discuss both non-physical spaces, such as virtual reality, and physical spaces, then look at the relationship between the two to create a work of art.

From the development of a piece for the PHI Centre to the creation of a tool in collaboration with the Studio's teams, Othoniel and Greenberg explore new territories of artistic creation and look ahead to a technology-informed future for generations to come.

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PHI Antenne Conversation JM Othoniel P Greenberg Texture Credit Alex Blouin
Photo: The Golden Spiral by Jean-Michel Othoniel / Alex Blouin

Jean-Michel Othoniel and his studio recently collaborated with PHI Studio during their visit to Montreal. Othoniel and Greenberg engaged in a conversation exploring the impact of technological advancements on the art world. Grounded in the context of Othoniel's visit to Montreal, their discussion delved into integrating non-physical spaces with physical environments and the potential of virtual reality technology to facilitate creative interplay. Together, they ventured into uncharted territories of artistic expression, envisioning a future where technology informs the practices of future generations.

Othoniel is no stranger to PHI, and this wasn't the first time that he and Greenberg had sat down to talk about their shared aspirations and vision. In 2017, Greenberg, a long-time acquaintance and admirer of Othoniel's work, approached him to create an artwork for the Centre. The piece aimed to symbolize the essence of the word PHI and drew inspiration from the Fibonacci sequence—the golden ratio. As an artist intrigued by the numerous historical threads between this symbol and Renaissance art's search for beauty in geometric perfection, Othoniel graciously accepted the challenge. The resulting piece, The Golden Spiral, stands tall as a monumental sculptural work at the heart of the PHI Centre, spanning three stories. After its installation, Greenberg and Othoniel reflected on his artistic vision, creative process, and the seamless integration of art and architecture.

During their conversation, he emphasized his intention to establish a dialogue between his artwork and the architectural elements of the space. His work skillfully blends the Centre's various architectural styles, highlighting the importance of viewer engagement and the transformative nature of his installations. Othoniel's artistic practice revolves around the interplay of light, and reflection, which allows him to explore the dynamic relationship between materials, space, and the viewer's perception.

By strategically placing his artwork over the stairs, viewers actively participate in the overall experience. As visitors ascend the staircase, they embark on a choreographed journey inspired by calligraphic movements, baroque dance, and their interrelationship with the infinite golden spiral.

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