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240406 Enfabulation Hamecon credit Maryse Boyce 1920x1080

Past Event


Enfabulation: mordre à l’hameçon

April 6, 2024

Come listen to stories (in French) on being gullible or the butt of a joke, on pulling a fast one or taking the bait. These stories of trickeries large and small will be told with all the humour of a good April Fools’ prank

Performance Storytelling
PHI Event Centre Enfabulation party de famille COVER

Past Event


Le party de famille d’Enfabulation

December 9, 2023

The return of a cherished tradition: building up the courage to face the holidays by telling ourselves stories (in French) about family. An inexhaustible subject!

Performance Storytelling
PHI Event Centre The Fury COVE Rv2


The Fury by Shirin Neshat

June 28 August 20, 2023

The Fury is a striking and moving tale about the enduring trauma experienced by a fictional female political prisoner

Exhibition Immersion
PHI Event Centre Sexe Desirs Data COVE Rv2

Past Event


Sex, Desire and Data

August 1 January 7, 2024

An immersive exhibition that explores the connections between sexuality and technology

Exhibition Immersion
PHI Event Centre Conscience Sonore COVER


Sonic Consciousness

June 3, 2023

An exploration into the transformative power of music and sound

Event Music
PHI Event Centre MTL Sommetdelanuit COVER


Montreal Night Summit

May 17 and 18, 2023

MTL 24/24 is proud to present the 4th edition of Montreal Night Summit at the PHI Centre and will focus on the theme NOX ✦ SPATIUM — the infinite space of the night

Discussion Innovation
PHI Event Centre Taiwanese VR Works COVER

Taiwan Spotlight

March 22 June 11, 2023

The Taiwan Spotlight is part of the Chaos & Memories exhibition

Virtual Reality Immersion
PHI Event Centre Chaos et memoires COVER

Past Event


Chaos & Memories

March 22 June 11, 2023

An exhibition comprising a British immersive installation and four award-winning Taiwanese virtual reality works that take us through personal, empirical and historical experiences

Experience Immersion
PHI Event Centre Enfabulation histoires de peur COVE Rv2


Enfabulation – Histoires de peur

November 12, 2022

In the middle of the Month of the Dead, Enfabulation brings you stories in French about fear in all its forms

Performance Storytelling
PHI Event Enfabulation COVER


Enfabulation - Ne parlons pas de politique!

September 17, 2022

In the midst of an election campaign, Enfabulation brings you stories in French of alliances and battles, struggles of the personal or societal

Performance Storytelling
PHI Centre Techno World WEBCOVERcrop



May 13 June 19, 2022

An exhibition at the intersection of music, art, pop, media and technology in relation to the multifaceted techno scene, genres and political projects stemming from the subcultures of the 1980s to today and traces the processes of cultural and economic appropriation

Exhibition Music
Ciela Outrances experienceaudioimmersif COVER


Lashing Skies

February 17 May 29, 2022

Lashing Skies, is a captivating 45-minute immersive audio journey of 5 imagined stories on the edges of disaster during the events of September 11th, 2001 designed and directed by multidisciplinary artist Brigitte Poupart

Experience Poetry