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MIMS Radio: Henri-Pierre Noël

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By  Centre PHI


A broadcast dedicated to music, MIMS Radio did not focus on any particular genre or style. “If we love it, we talk about it,” was the guiding force behind the show. Listeners had the chance to hear from international artists on what inspires them to create music. Exclusive performances, stories from the music industry, and plenty of throwbacks to genre-defining classics were also part of every broadcast.

Henri-Pierre Noël, at the time in his 60s, was celebrating his career relaunch. Mr. Noël has sadly passed away since then. The U.K. record label Wah Wah 45s reissued two albums that he recorded in Montreal: 1979's Piano and the dance-floor-friendly 1980 release, One More Step. Dom Servini from Wah Wah 45s says Montrealer DJ Kobal found Noël’s vinyls in a bin of old records and got him to listen. Servini says he loves the diversity of styles and Noël’s percussive playing so much he decided to re-issue the albums.

In 2014, Noël performed at POP Montreal in a show with another master, Ethiopian jazz pianist and accordionist Hailu Mergia.

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