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MIMS Radio: Vox Sambou

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By  Centre PHI


A broadcast dedicated to music, MIMS Radio did not focus on any particular genre or style. “If we love it, we talk about it,” was the guiding force behind the show. Listeners had the chance to hear from international artists on what inspires them to create music. Exclusive performances, stories from the music industry, and plenty of throwbacks to genre-defining classics were also part of every broadcast.

Vox Sambou comes from Limbé, Haiti. He writes and performs in Creole, French, English, Spanish and Portuguese. He is a founding member of the Montreal-based hip-hop collective Nomadic Massive. He has performed across North America, at the Kennedy Center in Washington, Grand Performances in Los Angeles, Le Printemps de Bourges in France, in Chile, Brazil, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Colombia, Morocco, Spain and the USA.

Performance by Vox Sambou: "Soley" | MIMS Radio

He is now at his 3rd solo album, The Brasil Session, recorded in Brazil and released in the spring of 2016. His other albums include Lakay, from 2008, and Dyasporafriken, from 2013—which earned him the nomination of best world music album at GAMIQ. His music focuses on the traditional rhythms of Haiti mixed with elements of afrobeat, jazz, reggae and hip-hop.

Performance de Vox Sambou: "My Rhythm" | MIMS Radio

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