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MIMS Radio: Anomalie

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By Centre PHI


A broadcast dedicated to music, MIMS Radio did not focus on any particular genre or style. “If we love it, we talk about it,” was the guiding force behind the show. Listeners had the chance to hear from international artists on what inspires them to create music. Exclusive performances, stories from the music industry, and plenty of throwbacks to genre-defining classics were also part of every broadcast.

As a classically trained pianist making electro-jazz music, Nicolas Dupuis, a.k.a. Anomalie, has always challenged the limits of genre. Bend The Rules, his new EP produced with the Judeo-Arabic duo Chromeo, is no different. With a stylish sense of individuality, Anomalie charms jazz/soul listeners with three fresh, blissfully dense tracks. Anomalie’s mind-bending range is hard to miss.

From jazzed funk to smooth lo-fi soul, the future looks flexible for jazz fusion. With more upcoming electro-jazz keyboardists like him, the road looks promising for a new and brilliantly technical take on jazz.


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