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MIMS Radio: Nate Husser

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By  Centre PHI


A broadcast dedicated to music, MIMS Radio did not focus on any particular genre or style. “If we love it, we talk about it,” was the guiding force behind the show. Listeners had the chance to hear from international artists on what inspires them to create music. Exclusive performances, stories from the music industry, and plenty of throwbacks to genre-defining classics were also part of every broadcast.

Nate Husser is the self-proclaimed LeBron James of Montreal hip-hop. The 29-year-old rapper channelled the great’s trials and tribulations over the course of his mixtape trilogy, including minus 23, 6º and 23+, that he released over the last year.

On track “Project_001,” he pointedly raps, “we drink, smoke and smile to cover up the pain” as a disembodied, ghostly voice chants in the background. His friends are dying, he is “going through all kinds of shit.” 

Performance by Husser: "Project_001" | MIMS Radio

On “High for This,” he raps about the ills surrounding him and how this anxiety and the choices of your youth are so unsustainable that the only solution is blurring yourself out or changing your life completely.

In 2018, Husser was in L.A. working on an album that he said was 40% done, and features past collaborators and some new. He intended to release it later that year, another step in the creative path that’s propelled Husser to where he is now. He’s ever-positive, but Husser adds that mood isn’t all that matters: “It takes a lot of work, a lot of hours.”

Performance by Husser: "High For This" | MIMS Radio

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