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PHI audiovisuel studio


Inside view of one of the PHI Centre's studio spaces.

With high-quality technical equipment, state-of-the-art facilities and an experienced team, all you have to do to ensure success is provide your vision.


Live Streaming

Podcast Production

Equipment Renting


Among the PHI Centre’s unique advantages, the infrastructure for technological interconnection between locations offers the luxury of a fully-loaded on-site video control room for public and private recordings of any size. We offer high-quality multi-camera video capture services for your conferences, performances, launches, and other events.

PHI audiovisuel studio DUVAL Jonathan 2
Inside view of our video control room during the recording of our Sonication event, 2020. Credit: Jonathan Duval / PHI

Recording and Live Streaming

In addition to our recording services, we can broadcast your conferences and content in real time —via Facebook Live, YouTube Live, etc.— from our video control room. The PHI Centre is also connected to the Quartier des spectacles via a fibre-optic link, unlocking an entire world of recording and live streaming possibilities! We can even provide support with the artistic direction, upon request.

PHI audiovisuel Rebecca Makonen HUBERDEAU Normand
Live streaming the 2020 Grand Prix du Conseil des arts de Montréal ceremony from Space A. Credit: Normand Huberdeau / PHI

Podcast Production

The PHI Centre truly has everything you need to produce excellent results, including podcast production services. By offering production support, coordination, preparation, recording, editing and exporting services for your podcast, we’ll help you find that polished sound that you’re looking for.

Chosen Family and Podcast PHI are examples of the amazing podcasts that we’ve produced in our studio spaces.

PHI audiovisuel studio 2
Inside view of the sound mixing studio.
PHI audiovisuel studio DUVAL Jonathan
Inside view of our video control room during the recording of our Sonication event, 2020. Credit: Jonathan Duval / PHI

À la carte


Editing studio

Off-line editor

On-line editor


Graphic Designer


Sound Studio and Podcast Production

Sound studio

Sound mixing

Sound editing

Voice-over recording

Mixing music or film

Releasing the rights to music

Our spaces

Espace 1

Espace 1 is a welcoming venue ideal for live performances, conferences, film screenings and launches. It’s outfitted with a full-size professional bar at ground level and two smaller mezzanines on either side.

PHI Centre Espace A

Galerie 3

Our gallery spaces and their facilities are available for cocktails, networking events and more, providing the perfect ice-breaking experiences.

PHI Centre Espace B

Galerie 2

Our gallery is at your disposal in the evening for cocktail parties, launches, or networking activities. Our exhibitions are constantly changing, and our permanent installations are available to you free of charge. These exhibitions make for great ice breakers and conversation pieces.

PHI Centre Espace C

Espace 4

Espace 4 is the PHI Centre’s brightest and most spacious facility. Its access to the roof terrace makes it ideal for large-scale events, and its technological installations facilitate the showing of projected material or the delivery of speeches.

PHI Centre Espace D


With an entrance on Saint-Pierre Street, Accueil can create an intimate setting. It features a fully-equipped professional kitchen behind collapsible walls, making it a perfect option for corporate dinners, networking events and more.

PHI Centre Espace Plateau


Located on the roof of the PHI Centre, our charming terrace offers an unbeatable view of historic Old Montreal, the river, and Habitat 67. You won't find a better spot for holding trendy events and outdoor barbecues.

PHI Centre Terrasse

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