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PHI IMMERSIVE RESIDENCY is an eight-week residency with PHI Studio in Montreal, Canada focused on the conceptualization stage of a proposed project. Selected artist(s) will work alongside PHI Studio experts to develop, plan, and prototype an interactive artwork or immersive experience. The selected project will receive personalized support, space, and select resources to develop and elaborate their concept within a broader context and create a prototype to prepare the project for eventual production and financial investment.

Thank you to all the 2021 PHI IMMERSIVE RESIDENCY applicants; the applications are now closed. Our entire team thanks you for your time, your effort, and for sharing your art with us. As PHI IMMERSIVE is an annual residency program, we encourage you to re-apply in 2022. You can keep up to date with PHI’s current and future opportunities, residencies, and exhibitions on our website or subscribe to our newsletter.

2021 Laureates

PHI Residences Immersive Web

Iolanda Di Bonaventura & Saverio Trapasso

This year’s laureates are an XR artist duo formed by Iolanda Di Bonaventura, a transmedia artist, director, and screenwriter of virtual reality projects; and Saverio Trapasso, a creative technologist with expertise ranging from programming to knowledge of the entire production pipe-line of XR and computer graphics projects.

In 2019, they made their first VR project as a duo, The Weight of Everything that is Not Here, presented at the VR Sci Fest in Stockholm and at the UKYA: Nottingham City Take Over in the UK, in collaboration with the Biennale of Young Mediterranean Artists (BJCEM). In 2020, as directors, writers, and producers, Di Bonaventura and Trapasso won a grant offered by Biennale Cinema College - Virtual Reality to produce their first interactive film in VR made in computer graphics—Vajont.

They continued as tutors in the following editions of the Biennale Cinema College - Virtual Reality: Iolanda as a story-developer in the 5th edition Italian workshop, and Saverio as a creative technologist in the 5th and 6th editions of the Italian workshops. They are currently based in Italy.

2021 Project

PHI Residences Immersive Web

0 is the suspended dimension between presence and absence, life and death. 0 is the place that used to be before we came into the world: the metaphorical journey that we must all make before being born, from darkness to light, from absence to presence, from being disembodied to having a body.

What does it mean to be born? Is it possible to represent this place of transition from non-being to being? Is it possible to depict primordial experiences linked to the symbolic and preconscious world to recover a memory of meaning? Can art and technology help us rewrite our history— the past, our primordial memories, and the future in which we will transform into digital avatars—guiding us along a path of awareness?

The artwork combines visual art, video art, and interactivity using infrared cameras and real-time engines while integrating linear storytelling. The body and movement of each participant control its narrative according to each individual's inner rhythm.

Can art and technology help us rewrite our relationship with the experience of being alive?

Can art and technology lead us back to our essence?


PHI Residences Immersive Web

Applications are now closed.

Montreal, Quebec


→ Call for Proposals: October 4 to November 1, 2021

→ Q&A Webinar (45 minutes) via Zoom: October 19, 2021, at 10 a.m. EST

→ Public announcement of the selected artist(s): December 1, 2021

→ Residency Period: January 24, 2022 to March 19, 2022

For more information, please contact [email protected]

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Program Details

Positioned at the intersection of art and technology, PHI Studio develops and presents collective experiences centred around audience interactivity. PHI IMMERSIVE RESIDENCY is an annual residency program that offers the opportunity to conceptualize and prototype a new immersive or interactive artwork. This residency is part of PHI’s continued effort to contribute to the development of future generations of immersive storytellers.

Local and international artists or small production companies with established or emerging careers are encouraged to apply. Through PHI IMMERSIVE RESIDENCY, PHI aims to invest in incredible artists with incredible ideas and contribute to the growing global field of new media art and experiences.

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What kind of projects are we looking for?

Artists are asked to submit a proposal for artwork including but not limited to:

  • Interactive or new media;
  • Immersivity;
  • Virtual Reality;
  • Augmented Reality;
  • Sound and/or Generative Music or Audio.

We are looking for experimental projects with a strong storyline and narratives, and technologically driven.

Devoted to the conceptualization stage of the project, selected artists participating in PHI IMMERSIVE RESIDENCY will receive:

  • Personalized support (workshops, one-on-one consultations) from the PHI Studio team over the eight-week residency period:

        Technical support;
        Production support;
        Conceptual and creative support;
        Design and scenography support;
        Programming and other specialty support.

  • Access to the following PHI Studio facilities: PHI’s sound recording and editing studio and sound engineer; access to PHI's offices and administrative spaces.
  • Access to PHI’s vast network of collaborators;
  • Production of a short video profile on each artist for promotional purposes, to be shared across PHI networks.

The artist(s) will retain the Intellectual Property of their project, but PHI will ask for the first option for co-production, distribution, or exhibition.

PHI Studio Team

Members of PHI Studio will be providing specialized support and guidance throughout the residency:

Annabelle Fiset

Annabelle has more than twenty years of creative experience, starting in advertising and graphic design before moving to exhibition design. In 2015 she joined the GSM Project team, where for nearly five years she contributed to several large exhibitions. In 2019 she joined the PHI Studio team to develop large-scale immersive experiences such as THE INFINITE.

Thomas Azoug

By designing innovative technological solutions to support some of the most ambitious immersive experiences of recent years, Thomas is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the location-based experience industry.

Joël Guérin-Simard

With over five years working with immersive art and VR exhibitions, Joël specializes in streamlining immersive experiences, from the user experience to the flow of operations. He has installed and trained staff at exhibitions and festivals all around the world.

Sarah Migos

Sarah Migos is a designer based in Montreal. Her practice lies between art, design and architecture. After starting her career in graphic design, she soon began focusing on space, which she considers a living painting that can be walked through, felt, and inhabited by humans.

Isabelle Brodeur

After working for 15 years as creative and production director at Cirque du Soleil, the Montréal Complètement Cirque Festival, and on numerous theatrical productions, Isabelle felt drawn towards the digital world in 2015. Since then, she has been working as a producer and production manager in the immersive exhibition team at the PHI Centre.

Coline Delbaere

Since 2017, Coline has worked as an ambassador on numerous international award-winning immersive experiences involving an array of artistic disciplines. In 2019, she brought her skill producing complex interactive projects to the PHI with the goal to evolve the codes of behaviour between audiences and creations.

Julie Tremblay

Julie has over twenty years of experience in project management and team management on experiential and immersive projects that have continued to grow in complexity. At PHI Studio since 2017, Julie has been developing PHI Studio's location-based expertise.

Marc-André Nadeau

In his role as technical and technological director of the PHI, Marc-André Nadeau ensures that the public's experiences with technology are as seamless and streamlined as possible. His job involves overseeing the entire process, from the initial preliminary stages to the realization of exhibitions.

Andrew Gray

Since 2018, Andrew has worked at the PHI and specialized in contextualizing and presenting immersive artworks. With his artistic and academic background in sound and installation, he brings his unique perspective and experience to develop strategies for mediation and education surrounding an artwork.

Selection Process

The selection will be undertaken by a committee composed of PHI staff and invited external professionals who reflect a diverse set of expertise and perspectives.

Applications will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • The originality of the project and narrative, its contribution to the diversity of creation, its conceptual and technical rigour and innovation (45%);
  • Feasibility of the project from conceptualizing to prototyping to production stages and the technical and budgetary practicality of the proposed project (30%);
  • Quality of past work and overall application (25%).

PHI is committed to equity in all its forms.

2022 Selection Committee

  • Michel Reilhac

    Immersive author, Curator of Venice VR Expanded, and Director of Studies for College Cinema and College VR at the Venice Biennale

  • Caroline Monnet

    Canadian multidisciplinary contemporary artist

  • Phoebe Greenberg

    Founder and Chief Creative Officer at PHI

  • Myriam Achard

    Chief, New Media Partnerships and Public Development at PHI

  • Coline Delbaere

    Producer of immersive experience at PHI

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