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Water Road

  • Installation
  • Free
  • Public Art
  • Community
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Outside the PHI Centre 407 Saint-Pierre St
Montreal, Quebec, H2Y 2M3

All ages

Water Road is free. Reservations are not required.

The PHI Centre building comes to life with an interactive multimedia installation of a motion-activated river on its four-story windows on Saint-Pierre Street.



The facade transforms into an imaginary river of sound. 

Tiohtià:ke means "where the currents meet," and the PHI Centre is located where the Saint-Pierre River once flowed. A river on the PHI Centre comes to life in a multimedia light installation visible from the windows overlooking St. Pierre Street. This river is the perfect personification of our common origins and our collective future. The installation is accompanied by an original poem by Joséphine Bacon and a soundtrack by Kelly Nunes.

Route deau jour 3

In Innu-aiman:

Shipu meshkanau


Akutueshtinaimuat nuash nutshimit

Nashipepanua nuash uinapekut


Peikuan at tsheshkatshuak

Nupaitshenan nitushinana

Tshinakatamatinan nikuakushuakanashkunana

Tshitutainan anite tekuak nitipatshimunan

Tshiminan tshitishinikashun

Tshetshi uinakuiat

Nin au innu kapimishkat


Tshika takuatshin

Tshe akutueshtinaimat

Eukuan nana ka ishi-inniuiat


Kau tshetshi uapatamat

In English:

Water road

Our canoes advance

They climb you

towards Nutshimit

They descend you towards the sea

We obey you

When you become untameable

We carry our canoes in our turn

we leave our wooden poles at the bottom of your soul

You baptize our nations

giving them your name

To be Human in your vein

Take us to the places of our history

Autumn will return

We’ll climb back up your current

It is our nostalgic past

That we dream of

Water Road, 2021

Designed by Sylvain Dumais and Phoebe Greenberg, produced by PHI Studio

Text (poem) by Joséphine Bacon

Sound Design by Kelly Nunes

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