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PHI Event Centre Pitchback Playback Jon Hopkins 1920x1080
Photo: A Pitchblack Playback album listening session in Copenhagen / Pitchblack Playback

Pitchblack Playback:
Jon Hopkins' Music For Psychedelic Therapy

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PHI Centre Salle d'écoute
407 Saint-Paul St
Montreal, Quebec, H2Y 2M3

Thursday, November 16:
4:30 PM to 10 PM (last entry: 9 PM)

Friday, November 17:
3 PM to 10 PM (last entry: 9 PM)

Saturday, November 18:
1:30 PM to 10 PM (last entry: 9 PM)

Sunday, November 19:
1:30 PM to 9 PM (last entry: 7:30 PM)

Monday, November 20:
4:30 PM to 10 PM (last entry: 9 PM)

Duration: Approximately 60 min.

All ages

General admission: $20*
*Price including service fees, excluding taxes

Note: These intimate seated sessions are only for 10 people each. Tickets include a Pitchblack Playback eye mask for extra darkness.

Experience Jon Hopkins' acclaimed beatless record in all its immersive glory at the inaugural Pitchblack Playback listening sessions held at the PHI Centre on our powerful Habitat Sonore sound system, in total darkness.

The uncompressed 24-bit Dolby Atmos Mix will be played in its entirety, with zero distractions; just you and the music.

Presented by

PHI Event Centre Pitchback Playback Jon Hopkins IMG Album


"Music For Psychedelic Therapy is the first album I made which was designed to go beyond stereo. With the help of my friend Emre and my sonic brother Cherif Hashizume, we brought this album out of 2 speakers and into the full 360 sound of Dolby Atmos. First time I heard it this way, it was like just diving into the music and inhabiting it entirely. Really happy to announce you can now come and hear this album how it was designed to be heard.”

Jon Hopkins

Music for Psychedelic Therapy is Hopkins’ first full-length since sister albums, Singularity and Immunity. For this collection, Hopkins wanted to make something that faced the opposite direction, something egoless and introspective, made with total, raw honesty. The result is “an album with no beats, not one drum sound, something that is closer to a classical symphony than a dance / electronica record. Something that is more like having an experience than listening to a piece of music. It is not ambient, classical or drone but has elements of all three... it’s a place as much as it is a sound,” adds Hopkins.


"Something happens when you listen to music either with your eyes closed or in the dark. The music reaches further into you.”


"I urge you to find a Pitchblack Playback event near you and go along."


"When I listen to music, I close my eyes, and it takes me away. The better the music sounds the easier it is to disappear into it. Pick the best listening environment, get comfortable, close your eyes, and really try to feel the music with your body."

Rick Rubin

"It’s the way I remember experiencing music when I was a teenager, turning out the lights and just allowing myself to be carried away by the music."

—Steven Wilson

"I have an out-of-body experience every time I go [to a Pitchblack Playback listening session]."

artist manager

“Only someone with Hopkins’ compositional know-how could pull this off so effortlessly.”



  • Pitchblack Playback have hosted album listening sessions in the dark around the world since 2016 in cinemas and in other great sound spaces. Their events seek to create a space where music can be enjoyed in high quality with no distractions, and have been attended by some 30,000 people to date.


For one year now, Habitat Sonore has been offering a new way of appreciating the local and international musical landscape by proposing a different type of auditory experience from stereo listening. The albums and soundscapes offered are the result of in-depth reflection by the artists on how their work should be presented and experienced.

Check out the full program here ↓

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