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PHI Event Centre La Nuitblanche2024 COVER

Foire Fantastique: Nuit Blanche at the PHI Centre

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PHI Centre 315 Saint-Paul St West
Montreal, Quebec, H2Y 2A3

Free programming:
9 PM to 3 AM

18 years old +

Free admission: 
First come, first served

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Travelling experiences all night long!

Through the free programming, you'll be offered a quest. If you're lucky, you'll get a chance to try your hand at fortune-telling. Stay tuned! A guide will be on hand to help you find it...

As part of the 21st edition of the Nuit blanche à Montréal, PHI returns with its vibrant creativity to propose an event entitled Foire Fantastique. It's a travelling fair, with strange characters, enchanting sounds, a caravan of nomadic performers, acoustic and electronic music, and a world of bric-a-brac. Antipode restaurant also will be on site with a pop-up shop, offering a selection of tapas for purchase.

Artistic performances | DJ SetsImmersive exhibitions


PHI Event Centre La Nuit Blanche2024 Alex Tibbitts

The Bionic Harpist


Based in Tiohtià:ke / Montréal, Alex Tibbitts interweaves research-innovation, composition and performance into an audacious artistic practice. As The Bionic Harpist, she augments the harp for digital mixing to create rich narratives and immersive soundscapes. As an international soloist & performing artist, she has presented in notable cultural & academic institutions (MUTEK Montréal, MUTEK Mexico, the National Arts Center of Canada, Harvard University, and McGill University). Tibbitts is a community member at the Center for Research Music Media and Technology (CIRMMT) where her explorations and research-collaborations have developed methods of gestural control and augmented harp performance.

Photo: Jean-Baptiste Demouy
PHI Event Centre La Nuit Blanche2024 Raphe



Raphë is a queer visual artist and filmmaker, working primarily with performance and video art. Through intricate transformation processes, Raphë exposes and distorts their queerness in heavily charged crafted visuals. Raphë's work finds a home in subcultural arenas, mostly conducted in wastelands, abandoned lots and other environments considered hostile.

Website ↗Instagram ↗
PHI Event Centre La Nuit Blanche2024 Ida Toninato

Ida Toninato


Montreal-based musician Ida Toninato has an ear for the unknown and a deep interest in sonic phenomenons. She explores and bonds with reverberant spaces, with which she creates most of her music. A solid contemporary music background and her own daring intuitions are the two pillars of her composition practice.

She will be accompanied by Geneviève Gauthier and Geneviève D'Ortun for the first part and will perform Lion on the Run solo for the second part.

Instagram ↗ | Facebook ↗

Photo: Frédérique Ménard-Aubin
PHI Event Centre Lanuitblanche2024 Victor

V.ictor + AGUMA

Sound installation | Performance

Victor Drouin-Trempe (Him/He) is an artist, researcher and professor of sound creation and philosophy. His current research focuses on exploring the characteristics of what can be called a "living sound". In practice, his work involves finding ways to create "sound creatures" using algorithmic composition tools and modular synthesizers. He creates interactive sound installations and has exhibited internationally.

He will be accompanied by the musical duo AGUMA, consisting of Gabriel R. Drapeau (doc.gazebo) and Guillaume Sauvé (Sleeprunner).

V.ictor: Website ↗ | Instagram ↗
AGUMA: Bandcamp ↗ | Instagram ↗

Photo: Mourad Bennacer
PHI Event Centre La Nuitblanche2024 Varfalvy



Varfalvy is a music producer & creative writer based in Montreal. He is the co-founder of Montreal's famous Jazz & Tarot nights at Datcha. The first 10 years of his career oscillated between co-hosting a radio show, music production, creative consulting, ghost-writing and copywriting. He spends the rest of his time meditating, hiking mountains, binging on scientific literature, and exploring nature through the lens of physics, consciousness studies, and philosophy.

Photo: Maxyme G. Delisle
PHI Event Centre La Nuit Blanche2024 Jimmy Chung

Jimmy Trieu Phong Chung


Jimmy Trieu Phong Chung (He/Him) is a Vietnamese/French Canadian professional contemporary dance artist and choreographer. An alumni of the contemporary dance program at Concordia University taught by renown teachers such as Angélique Willkie, Daniel Villeneuve, Isabelle Poirier and many more. He focuses his practice towards interdisciplinary work. Fascinated by how different practices can merge together led to him being part of work like INNERVISION (Martin Messier) and UNDERWATER (Caroline Laurin-Beaucage). He thrives to find his authentic self, by exploring the meaning of it through movements and exchange.


A Laylit program

PHI Event Centre Lanuitblanche2024 C Lia

C Lia - DJ

For C Lia (she/her), DJ-ing equates to healing in the form of an ongoing search for knowledge set between self-discovery, community, and a desire to (re)connect with her Amazigh and Algerian roots. Inspired by her academic background and her emotional inner world, C Lia’s style combines methodic research with innate intuition informed by her experience as a jazz and r&b vocalist. In her sets as in her involvement with the Transpacific Express collective, she connects the dots between percussive uptempo grooves and diaspora-inspired rhythms, letting her lifelong affinity for pop shine through among more underground selections.

Instagram ↗ | SoundCloud ↗

Photo: Alya Gabsi, Ismaël Morin
PHI Event Centre Lanuitblanche2024 Cheba Iman

Cheba Iman - DJ

Cheba Iman (she/her), an artist, archivist, and selecta, navigates her creative realm across the cities of Toronto, Montreal, and Tangiers. Rooted in the essence of liberation, her artistic journey is a profound exploration of multimedia, a conduit for collective catharsis. With a thematic focus on the intricacies of transgressions, tensions, and paradoxes of existence, Cheba Iman channels the power of sound, vision, and dance to provoke a transformative and immersive experience for her audience.

Instagram ↗ | SoundCloud ↗
PHI Event Centre Lanuitblanche2024 Crissemarqueur

Crissemarqueur - DJ

Mastermind behind the infamous LATEX. parties, Crissemarqueur is a Montreal-based DJ // rave curator, Co-founder of FANTOM (Fédération pour les Arts Nocturnes comprenant les Travailleur·euses et Organisateur·ices de Montréal) and artistic director of LATEX. & Kafichanta. While he defines his sound as eclectic, listeners will find that Crissemarqueur explores candidly his North African roots, through percussive tracks characterized by sensual guides. Heavy kicks and fragmental embellishments partnered with tender suggestions are balanced in a collection of techno nuances.
PHI Event Centre La Nuit Blanche2024 Giotto

Giotto - VJ

Giotto is a master of crafting programmed distortion, skillfully manipulating video samples and 3D point clouds to vividly portray the fluidity and dynamism of the human psyche. With each pixelated fragment and glitched frame, Giotto invites viewers on a mesmerizing journey through the labyrinth of the mind. Their art serves as a captivating mirror, reflecting the intricate landscapes of our own mental landscapes.

Instagram ↗

Photo: Victoria Vervelsky, @vervelsky

About Laylit

Laylit is a collective and platform celebrating music and artists from the Arab/SWANA world and its diasporas. For the past five years, their nights have become staples of North America's cultural and nightlife scene. Laylit's sound stands out with its fusion of shaabi, dabke, mahraganat, hip hop, and Arab pop with electronic music (techno, breakbeat, hyperpop, etc.) inspired by the underground scenes of New York and Montreal.


Admission is first come, first served

PHI Event Centre Beats COVER

Past Event


In Pursuit of Repetitive Beats

February 7 April 28, 2024

An interactive virtual reality adventure that takes audiences back to the heyday of the UK’s illegal Acid House rave scene of the late 1980’s

Virtual Reality Music


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  • Cult MTL
  • Antipode

    Street food tapas from
    around the world

  • Nuit Blanche à Montréal

  • Montréal en lumière

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