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PHI Event Centre Cymatiques II COVER

Kohlenstoff presents Cymatiques II

  • Performance
  • Past Event
  • Music
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PHI Centre Espace 1
407 Saint-Pierre St
Montreal, Quebec, H2Y 2M3

Doors: 7 PM
Music: 8 PM

All ages

Price in advance: $25
Price day of the event: $30

*Fees included, taxes not included

A night of new media performances by avant-garde musicians paired with video creators, invited by the Kohlenstoff collective.

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Study of the visible form of sounds and vibrations

Kohlenstoff collective invites you to a sound and image evening where musicians and videographers are paired to offer you striking, unique and adventurous performances in their use of digital technologies.

Exploration and innovation, fundamental values of the collective, push the artists to remix their approaches as a duo during an audiovisual concert presenting four avant-garde live performances.

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France Jobin and Line Katcho
Philippe-Aubert Gauthier and Tanya St-Pierre
Samuel Bobony (Black Givre) and Nelly-Ève Rajotte
Joël Lavoie, Philippe Vandal and Emma Forgues

PHI Event Centre Cymatiques II France Jobin

France Jobin

France Jobin is a sound / installation artist, composer, and curator living in Montreal. Her audio art can be qualified as "sound sculpture", revealing a minimalist approach to complex sound environments where analog and digital intersect. Her installations express a parallel path, incorporating both musical and visual elements inspired by the architecture of physical spaces. Her works can be "experienced" in a variety of unconventional spaces and new technology festivals.

Jobin has created solo recordings for renowned labels, including: popmuzik records (JP), LINE (US), nvo (AT), Baskaru (FR), ATAK (JP), ROOM40 (AU), No-ware (CL-DE), and Editions Mego (AT). Her work is also featured on numerous compilations.

Photo: Vivien Gaumand

Website ↗

PHI Event Centre Cymatiques II Line Katcha

Line Katcho

Line Katcho is a composer and audio-visual artist from Montreal. Primarily interested in sound and image as demonstrations of motion, forces or gestures, she also distinguishes herself through an affinity for perceptual games, and a talent for use of affect. Radiating a narrative and cinematic feel, her work is driven and provocative, fusing reference to abstraction, experimentation to tradition. Leaning towards a mixing of styles, genres and applied methods, her empirical approach aims at creating a sensory and cathartic experience, rooted in expression, in pursuit of authenticity.

Vimeo ↗

PHI Event Centre Cymatiques II Philippe Aubert Gauthier

Philippe-Aubert Gauthier

Philippe-Aubert Gauthier is a professor at UQÀM's École des arts visuels et médiatiques, a mechanical engineer, master of science and doctor of mechanical engineering and acoustics. He works at the crossroads of art, science and technology. His works take forms ranging from installation, sound and digital arts to performance and music. He has produced over fifty sound and digital artworks. As a researcher and artist, he has published more than 80 articles and lectures, and has given 30 workshops and conferences specializing in the arts and technology. He is associate director of artistic research at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music, Media and Technology.

Since 2003, he has also worked as a duo with Tanya St-Pierre. Their work takes the form of installations, performances and videos.

Website ↗

PHI Event Centre Cymatiques II Tanya St Pierre

Tanya St-Pierre

Tanya St-Pierre is a visual, sound and digital artist. By exploring the possible relationships between the visual and digital arts and narrative, she transforms various systems for altering narrative into poetic and conceptual proposals. As part of a more general scheme, these proposals thwart and question notions of representation and cultural artefacts. Her works take the form of collages, installations, videos and performances. Her work has been shown in Quebec, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France and Japan.

Since 2003, her approaches working as a duo with Philippe-Aubert Gauthier have come together in collaborative projects. Their respective interests and commitments are addressed in exchanges that lead to hybrid artistic proposals resulting from self-critical jousting and duo inventions.

Website ↗

PHI Event Centre Cymatiques II Samuel Bobony

Samuel Bobony (Black Givre)

Black Givre is a solo project created in Montreal in 20212 by Samuel Bobony, a sound artist, musician and composer. His research focuses on the cohabitation of heterogeneous universes, composed of soundscapes and synthetic sounds, combined with his acoustic and digital drums. Gradual and repetitive processes as well as physical intensity characterize his performances. His explosive pieces combine drums, sampled sound textures and synthesizers.

Samuel has been actively involved in the Montreal music scene for fifteen years. He took part in some 20 musical groups, including Avec le Soleil Sortant de sa Bouche (Constellation Records), Pangea De Futura, Actors Artificial, LENTEMENT, and Red Mass. He recently joined the band Fly Pan Am (Constellation Records) as drummer.

Photo: Maxim Paré-Fortin

Website ↗
PHI Event Centre Cymatiques II Nelly Eve Rajotte

Nelly-Ève Rajotte

Nelly-Ève Rajotte is a professor at UQAM's École de Design, where she heads the Moving Image and Sound Design program. A visual and media artist, her hybrid practice focuses on the moving image, sound and immersion - through performance and installation. She is also a director, editor and composer.

She holds a master's degree from UQAM's School of Visual and Media Arts, as well as studies in art history. She was also guest professor and artist-in-residence at the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University in Montreal (2018-2020)

Photo: Christian Barré

Website ↗

PHI Event Centre Cymatique II mesocosm

Joël Lavoie and Philippe Vandal

Joël Lavoie is a composer, sound / multimedia / installation artist and sound engineer based in Montréal / Tiohtià:ke / Mooniyang, Canada. His sonic explorations sail through the troubled water of the individual and collective subconscious. Evoking the themes of the souvenir, the elsewhere possible and introspection. He encourages us to take a pause, a reset, surrendering to a rediscovery of the self and questioning the usual codes of perception and apprehension. He is part of the A/V trio mesocosm who is active since 2021 and presented across Canada and US. He's released music, on Mikroclimat (CA), Phinery (DK), AOsmosis (DE), Kohlenstoff (CA) and Jeunesse cosmique (CA).

Philippe Vandal is a new media artist based in Montreal. He is a student member of Concordia University’s Milieux Institute, ​​the Research Chair in Critical Practices in Materials and Materiality, of Hexagram, Speculative Life Biolab, and of the Topological Media Lab. At the intersection of technological, ecological, and artistic preoccupations, Philippe’s work bridges bio-inspired critical design, environmental chemistry, and site-specific tangible media interventions. His work has been featured at Eastern Bloc (2017, 2022), during the International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA2020:What is Sentience?), at the Pompidou Centre in Paris (2021), and at Ars Electronica in Linz (2021).

Photo: Geneviève Grenier

Joël's website ↗
Philippe's website ↗

PHI Event Centre ELEKTRA Festival Performances Mesocosm

Emma Forgues

Emma Forgues is a new media artist based in Montreal. They hold a bachelor's in Computation Arts from Concordia University (2020). Their interests revolve around the cultural and emotional impacts of science and technology on the female body, through installation and performance projects. They have presented their work in numerous galleries and festivals, including Le Centre Pompidou (2019), Sight & Sound (2019), IEEE-ICRA-X: Robotic Art Program (2019), ELEKTRA (2019), MUTEK (2021), Perte de Signal (2022) and Currents New Media, NM-US (2022). Forgues received a residency at OBORO and presented their bio-art installation at the International Market for Digital Art (MIAN | ELEKTRA) in June 2019. Their research on Experimenting with Robotic Softness in collaboration with Sam Bourgault was published by ISEA2020: 26th international Symposium on Electronic Art in 2020. They were both presenters at the symposia.

Photo: Geneviève Feuillard

Website ↗


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