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The House of Murmurations

  • Installation
  • Outside
  • Public Art
  • Technology
  • Playful

The House of Murmurations is a public activation project where light and sound highlight and celebrate the historical architectural elements of this special site.


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Light & Sound

The House of Murmurations is a multi-sensory installation where light, sound, and movement highlight and illuminate the architectural features of the site, sustaining the memories housed within its walls while signalling its change and transformation.

The Old Port's migratory birdlife seeded the poetic language of the installation; symbolically significant to cultures globally, birds have been depicted as mediators between the human and spirit worlds, or as divine messengers. Here, their ebb and flow rewards passersby’s curiosity with a colourful new perspective while opening a window into the buildings’ inspiring future.

As the site of the future PHI Contemporary project, the installation is a celebration of the buildings and their structural splendour, offering locals and visitors to the City of Montreal a unique look at the site before it moves into its next chapter of being.

The Nest

In addition to the light and sound experience on the exterior of the buildings, be sure to check out The Nest running through October 31, 2022 only.

This magical space gives visitors an opportunity to peek inside the building and be enveloped by the sounds of migratory birds and fantastical objects.

Accessible between 4 pm and 10 pm Thursdays through Sundays accompanied by an animator.


Aerial view of the site

1. Pierre du Calvet Building / Davies Store

411-417 Saint-Paul Street East

2. Pierre du Calvet House

403 Bonsecours Street / 409 Saint-Paul Street East

3. Pierre du Calvet House Annex

401 Bonsecours Street

4. Louis Viger House

415 Bonsecours Street

5. Adjacent Lot

417 Bonsecours Street


Event PHI Activation Bonsecours Lamaisondesmurmures IMG2
Photo: Edgar Gariépy


  • This project was made possible by the financial support of the City of Montreal

  • Produced by

  • Special thanks to

  • Conception

    CCO: Phoebe Greenberg
    Creative Director & Director: Sylvain Dumais
    Lighting Designer:
    Ludovic Lefévère
    Collaborative Lighting Designer:
    Udo light
    Design and Realization of the Lighting:
    Udo light
    Sound Designer: Philippe Rochefort

    Executive Production

    Executive Producer: Emilie Heckmann

  • Production

    Production Director: Laurence Montmarquette
    Coordinator: Raphë Lafleur
    Technical Director: David Simard
    Technical Project Manager: Vincent Lafrenière
    Technicians: Grégory Perrin, Nicolas Lajoie Restrepo, Jacques Larin, Éric Sauvé, Thomas-Xavier, Mercado, Anae Lajoie-Racine, Patman, Eliot Sarrazin
    Custom Manufacturing Workshop:
    Jackworld inc.
    Set Design/Props Styling (Nest): Studio TB
    Technical Manager: Thomas Azoug
    Developer: Jonathan Hardy, Edouard Lanctot
    Technical Consultant: Isaac Caballero

  • Marketing

    Marketing Director: Scarlett Martinez
    Marketing Strategy Manager:
    Jeremy Leith
    Marketing Project Manager: Kevin Delaney
    Artistic Director: Michel Ouellette

    Public Relations

    Chief, New Media Partnerships and PR: Myriam Achard
    Public Relations Project Manager: Pierre-Olivier Marinier Leseize

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