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Lexis (Alexis Charpentier) is a DJ, record collector, radio show host, curator and founder of passion projects. Above all, he is a champion for the music he loves, whether it’s found in dusty record bins or deep in the internet cache. Obsessed with the art of the mixtape, making musical collages to explore narratives, emotions, and imaginary soundtracks, Lexis is the founder of the Music Is My Sanctuary collective and the 24 Hours of Vinyl worldwide event series. For over 15 years he has been a pillar of the Montreal music scene as a DJ and event organizer. He also works as a music supervisor for brands and advertising clients. With Sonoramas pour le moment présent, Lexis wants to create 3 different soundscapes that explore 3 emotions, featuring music, field recordings and spoken word. He will then invite listeners to put on their favourite pair of headphones and go outside to listen to the 4 volumes.

Parallel Lines

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