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Studio Projet Echo Edouard Lock Poster Cover


A film by Edouard Lock


Mixed Arts


  • From

    Produced in 2020

  • Location

    Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

A 25-minute choreographic and cinematic composition of shadows, light, movement and original music.

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ÉCHO, is a new work created and directed by world-renowned choreographer and visionary, Edouard Lock. Interpreted by Principal dancer of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Rachele Buriassi, and produced by PHI Studio, ÉCHO is a work intertwined in reflections and immersed in a cinematic night. Mirrored approximations ebb along surfaces like shadow on water as a ballerina peers into herself, her memories floating up, around and under her, with each leading to a different trail and a different outcome. One shared beginning, one source, one end, multiple echos.

Edouard Lock directs and choreographs. Rachele Buriassi dances, the rhythm and cadence of her movements flowing through the choreography like wind in grass as James O’Callaghan’s score resonates with both dissonance and harmony, cooling every image that passes through his precise and evocative score.

A world where illusion and dance are derived from feelings of solitude during the first wave of confinement.

ÉCHO Trailer



  • Direction and Editing: Edouard Lock
    Choreography: Edouard Lock
    Performance: Rachele Buriassi

    Composer: James O’Callaghan
    Director of Photography: Étienne Boilard
    Costume Designer: Melanie Ferrero
    Sound Designer: Philippe Rochefort

    Executive Producer: Émilie Heckmann
    Producer: Phoebe Greenberg
    Line Producer: Isabella Salas
    Production Director: Vlad Doclin

  • First Camera Assistant: Marianne Ploska
    Steadicam Operator: Kes Tagney
    Set Photographer: Sean Mollit
    Lighting Designer: Hervé Holdrinet
    Lighting Technician: Alexis Landriault
    Operator: Jean Michel Lacasse
    Sound Recordist: Julien Lapszynski

    Costume Assistant: Joel Boudreault
    Makeup Artist: Sarah Heft
    Hair Stylist: Catherine Levesque

    Stage Manager: Patrick Zaloum
    Stage Production Assistants: Justine Pelletier and Karl Raymond

    Caterer: Solène Thouin

  • Post-Production Supervisor: Isabella Salas
    Post-Production Support: Marc Morissette
    Online Editor: Edouard Lock
    Editing Assistants: Vjosana Shkurti and Charlie Poirier-Bouthillette
    Film Colorist: Cluster Film
    Sound Mix: Philippe Rochefort
    Foley Artist: La Hacienda Creative - Brian d’Oliveira

    Music by: James O'Callaghan
    Performed by:
    Ensemble Paramirabo
    Alto Flute: Jeffrey Stonehouse
    Clarinet: Victor Alibert
    Geneviève Liboiron
    Cello: Viviana Gosselin
    Piano: Daniel Áñez
    Percussions: David Therrien-Brongo
    Record Label: Ravello Records

  • Special thanks to:
    Benoit Belanger, Guiseppe Canale, Lisa Davies, Marlyn Kress, Guylaine Massoutre, Fred Shahrabani and Maia Shahrabani

    Production, distribution and international sales:

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