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PHI Audio Studiodeson COVE Rv2



The PHI Centre sound studio is a professional creative environment where sound and music are explored and produced. We use modern tools and techniques and follow a multi-dimensional approach to develop traditional and immersive audio content.

The studio also serves as a laboratory for Habitat Sonore, PHI's immersive listening room, where spatialized sound experiences are presented to the public.

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PHI Audio Studiodeson Miximmersifv2

Immersive mixing

The adoption of the Dolby Atmos format by the major digital music streaming platforms is leading to a change in the way music is created, produced and distributed. We believe that the strength of immersive audio formats lies in their ability to amplify the emotions and storytelling of a sound piece. Artists now have a new canvas to experiment with, producing for a three-dimensional space.

Our facilities have all the necessary tools for creating immersive audio. Our calibrated Genelec 7.1.4 monitoring system allows clients to produce and mix in Dolby Atmos, as well as non-conventional formats using software such as SPAT Revolution by Flux Immersive.

PHI Audio Studiodeson Mixstereov2

Stereo mixing

For stereo productions, we offer a Guzauski-Swist GS-3A monitoring system alongside a selection of external analog processors, as well as plugins from UAD, Waves, FabFilter and more.

PHI Audio Studiodeson Enregistrementv2

Recording and tracking

For recording, we offer a 330 square foot tracking room with a selection of microphones and preamplifiers.

PHI Audio Studiodeson Enregistrementdebalado V2

Podcast recording and production

In addition to mixing and recording services, we also offer services for podcast productions and a space that can accommodate up to four people.

By providing production support services, coordination, preparation, recording, editing, and exporting for your podcast, we will help you achieve the sound you desire.


Habitat Sonore: Listening room

Discover Habitat Sonore, PHI's listening room, and the PHI Centre sound studio presentation space where immersive sound experiences are presented to the public.

PHI Event Centre Habitat Sonore Fev2024 SEO

Music Production Workshop in Dolby Atmos

In partnership with the Dolby Institute, the PHI Centre offers you the opportunity to discover the Dolby Atmos format to enrich your musical creations in a series of workshops.

PHI Studiodeson Centre 1920x1280


PHI Centre Studiodeson Ohm Hourain credit Leif Tiltins

Ohm Hourani
Jazz In The Machine

Mix engineering, recording

Photo: Leif Tiltins
PHI Studiodeson Pierre Kwenders credit Daniele Fummo

Pierre Kwenders
Jose Louis And The Paradox Of Love


Photo: Daniele Fummo
PHI Event Centre Habitat Sonore Mai2023 Sofie Birch

Sofie Birch
Lolupupi Kutiku

Habitat Sonore immersive mix, Dolby Atmos mix

Photo: Natasha Post Penaguiao
PHI Event Centre Conscience Sonore Aleksi Habitat Sonore

Aleksi Perala

Habitat Sonore immersive mix

PHI Event Centre Conscience Sonore Michael Gary Dea credit Sarah Kim

Micheal Gary Dean
Forever Meditations

Dolby Atmos mix

Photo: Sarah Kim
PHI Centre Studiode Son Fred Everything Dolby Atmos

Fred Everything
All Is Well

Dolby Atmos mix

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