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PHI Contemporain Lina Ghotmeh Proposal COVER



Photo: Lina Ghotmeh — Architecture

Proposition de
Lina Ghotmeh — Architecture

Concurrent, Concours international d'architecture de PHI Contemporain

Consultez leur Proposition de l'étape 1*

*Veuillez noter que la proposition de cette firme est uniquement disponible au format original anglais sous lequel elle a été soumise

Visionnez la présentation vidéo

Un extrait en anglais de leur proposition originale :

« The traces of peoples and their past constructions form layers of lines that are superimposed on each other. While some persist, others have faded away. 

On the plot where the new contours of PHI Contemporary are inscribed, this link between past, present and future inspired the first lines and surfaces composing this project. Like a palimpsest, we read this place through its layers and successive traces, seeking to create a dialogue between what used to be , what is and what will be.

By decomposing and analyzing the multiple subtractions identifying the plot, the project finds its origins in the traces of the past. From an empirical selection of these lines, some have reappeared back in the plans on the new PHI Contemporary. »

 Lina Ghotmeh — Architecture


Lina Ghotmeh Gilbert Hage v Web
Photo: Gilbert Hage