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July 23 June 30, 2021

Installation Public Art
P Hi Apparitions DA 1920x1080



October 27 January 16, 2022

A captivating augmented reality tour in collaboration with Acute Art, taking you from the main entrance to the rooftop terrace of the PHI Centre.

Installation Immersion



Water Road

November 24 June 12, 2023

The PHI Centre building comes to life with an interactive multimedia installation of a motion-activated river on its four-story windows on Saint-Pierre Street

Installation Public Art
KROY_HEADER_5415 CREDIT Anthony Tuccitto 1920x1080


ANIMACHINA - animisme et némésis

January 21 January 30, 2022

Long fascinated and terrified by robots, KROY (Camille Poliquin) surrounds herself with them to create ANIMACHINA, a series of seven performance art videos to be experienced communally.

Installation Music
PHI EVENT Place Des Arts As Water Falls Daniel Iregui Bracknell COVER

At Place Des Arts

Off-Site Location

As Water Falls ↗

September 15 January 5, 2023

As Water Falls is a virtual interactive waterfall that explores various aspects of water and its metaphorical concepts. Admission is free

Installation Immersion
PHI Event Lamaisondesmurmures COVE Rv2 Dominique Lafond


Off-Site Location

The House of Murmurations

September 20 January 15, 2023

The House of Murmurations is a public activation project where light and sound highlight and celebrate the historical architectural elements of this special site

Installation Public Art
PHI Event Centre collectionartpermanente COVER



PHI's art collection

December 15 June 11, 2023

An ongoing collection of contemporary artworks, accessible and free at the PHI Centre

Installation Contemporary Art
BNCR pep thumb

Past Event


The Bureau of Noncompetitive Research

November 3 March 10, 2024

The Bureau of Noncompetitive Research is a public engagement project by the collective of the same name. Taking place in the PHI Foundation’s Education Room

Installation Contemporary Art