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PHI Residence Nord Communiquedepresse 1


Develop your next sound piece or musical project at a creative retreat located on the bank of a river in the Laurentian mountains. PHI Residencies — NORTH offers musicians, bands and sound artists the opportunity to produce, explore, experiment and refine their artistic project. Residents will be granted a two-week retreat in the Laurentian mountains at a riverside lodge featuring exclusive access to a state-of-the-art recording studio and full support from PHI’s team of multidisciplinary experts.

The Laureates

PHI Résidences Nord Laureat Lunice

> Session 1: Lunice (April 19th to May 3rd 2021)

Born and raised in the city of Montreal, internationally renowned Canadian Artist, Producer and DJ, Lunice is a disciple of Hip Hop. Experimenting with electro synth sounds layered over pounding bass and drums, he soon developed a sonic aesthetic that kept the spirit of rap music while remaining as potent on the dancefloor as anything else.

PHI Résidences Nord Laureat Eve Parker

> Session 2: Eve Parker Finley: (May/June 2021)

Eve Parker Finley is a noted Montreal multi-instrumentalist, comedian, and upcoming Indie Pop Superstar. Braiding a dense and deliberate web of string arrangements and classical naturalism into a former raver’s penchant for programmed beats and four on the floor grooves, Finley has been a mainstay in the Montreal independent scene for nearly a decade.

PHI Résidences Nord Laureat Gayence

> Session 3: Gayance : (September/October 2021)

Gayance is a creole word for "joyfulness". Since Aïsha Vertus is always unapologetic, it was the perfect name for her musical project that would also celebrate her Haitian roots. Born and raised in Montreal, the DJ with eclectic musical tastes has been tearing down venues in Paris, Amsterdam, Brooklyn, Marrakech, Berlin and more. She made her debut at n10as, The Lot Radio, Kiosk Radio, Rinse FM France and Radio-Canada.

The Selection Committee

  • Dahlia Cheng

    Dahlia Cheng is a Montreal-based Digital Strategist working for the PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art since 2014.

  • Renelle Desjardins

    With more than 25 years of music industry experience, Renelle toured as a musician and was PHI's Label Manager before becoming Director of Programming at the PHI Centre.

  • Yassin Alsalman

    Narcy, real name Yassin Alsalman is a polymath. He is a multi-media artist based out of Montreal, Canada and one half of WeAreTheMedium, a culture point for publishing, media and the arts.

  • Marika Anthony-Shaw

    Marika Anthony-Shaw is a musician, social entrepreneur, and strategist specializing in the intersection of advocacy and culture. She is the Senior Advisor and Residencies Lead at PHI in Montreal since 2019, and is the founder and CEO of PLUS1.ORG.

  • Tao-Ming Lau

    Tao is the Founder/Agent at Blue Crane Agency, a music booking agency seeking to prioritize women, artists of color, and LGBTQ+ musicians in North America and abroad.

    The Residency

    PHI Residence Nord 344 A2955

    Cohorts planned for 2021

    Session 1
    April 19 to May 3

    Session 2

    Session 3

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    "PHI North is a healing experience for the artist at this time. To be in a safe space, with access to everything you need, isolated from the world — it helps you create freely. A feeling seldom felt in a global lockdown."


    Hip-Hop Artist

    Program Details

    The new residency for musicians and sound artists

    Musicians, bands and sound artists, this residency is for you. This is your chance to produce, explore, experiment, or refine your artistic project, whether it is in its early, middle or final stages. Get ready to experience a complete two-week immersion in an intimate, quiet and peaceful setting, the golden opportunity to expand your practice.

    Introspection at the service of creation

    Give yourself a break from your daily routine and devote yourself entirely to your project. In a lodge on the banks of a river in the Laurentian mountains, explore your artistic practice and enjoy a work environment that is both resourcing and inspiring.

    Push the limits of your practice and indulge in a journey of self-reflection that will open the door to new avenues of creation. Test it, enhance it, or give it a new direction, you are in the driver's seat.

    A state-of-the-art recording studio at the heart of nature

    Produce your musical and sound piece with exclusive access to a state-of-the-art recording studio, a network of multidisciplinary experts acknowledged in their fields, and a dedicated technical support team attentive to your needs.

    PHI Residency — NORTH program calendar

    Registration is open for the three cohorts planned for 2021.

    • Session 1: April/May
    • Session 2: June/July
    • Session 3: September/October

    Important notice: the dates above are approximate and may be subject to change according to the artist's availability.



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