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The residency

PHI Immersive is a 4-week intensive residency program with PHI Studio in Montréal (Canada) that is centred on the development phase of an immersive project, including but not limited to new media, extended reality technologies (VR, AR, MR), AI driven projects, and immersive sound or audio.

The selected artist will work alongside PHI Studio specialists to conceptualize, plan, and prototype their project. Throughout the residency, the project will receive personalized support, workspace, and select resources to develop and refine its concept, create a prototype, and prepare the project for eventual production.

French information session: May 14, 2024, at 11 AM EDT
English information session: May 16, 2024, at 11 AM EDT

To apply

Deadline to submit the application form:
June 25, 2024, at 11:59 PM EDT

Please refer to the sections “Toolkit” and “Frequently asked questions” below for access to application resources and detailed information about the selection process, criteria, and the specifics of the PHI Immersive residency.

PHI Residences Immersive Web

PHI Immersive 2024-2025

Residency location: Montréal, Québec, Canada
PHI Immersive residency period: March 3 to 28, 2025 (4 weeks)

Schedule overview

Week 1 — Amplify and shape
During this phase, the artist immerses themselves in the world of the PHI Studio, connecting with its team to elaborate, explore and develop the concept and establishing the production schedule and specify the stages, framework and form of the project.

Week 2 — Conceive and iterate
This phase marks the start of the development of the concept of the work. The artist, supported by the PHI Studio expertise, explores the possible design and forms of the experience, within the presentation context.

Week 3 — Prototype and adjust
The artist undergoes a five-day sprint in the form of a workshop to develop and design the user experience of the project, the technical operations, and the start and end of the experience with the support of the PHI Studio team.

Week 4 — Optimising and planning what's next
The artist takes part in a second five-day sprint and carries out iterations on the first prototype. After a meeting with the funding team, the artist draws up a financial plan and targets funding opportunities for the rest of the project.

What artists are saying

"My favourite part [of the residency] is time; just having time with my project, going through the ideas, getting to know it on a deeper level, and understanding how I should communicate it to other people [...]."

— Ismaila Jallow, PHI Immersive 2023-2024

"The people I met here, their competence in different fields, the exchange of knowledge, and being inspired by the way people at PHI talk about creative processes, as well as VR as a form of expression [were my favourite parts of the residency]."

— Filip Myrberg, PHI Immersive 2023-2024

Program details

Selected application will receive:

  • Support for project development: Tailored support and mentorship from PHI Studio during the residency that may include conceptualization, creation, scenography, production, technical, development and programming support, or other PHI Studio expertise detailed in the “Toolkit” section.

  • Access to PHI resources: Access to certain PHI material, technical and technological resources during the residency, depending on their availability.

  • Video profile production: Creation of a video profile to be broadcast across PHI networks (social media, website, etc.).

  • Network access: Leveraging PHI's extensive network of collaborators.

The PHI Immersive program does not include funding. PHI Immersive is a residency where the support provided comes via access to mentors, facilities, expertise, and networks. If you are applying for external funding or bursaries, we are happy to help with any official documentation that you might need.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Be an established or emerging local or international artist or small production company.

  • Have an immersive project in the development phase and want to carry it out as part of the residency.

Collectives of artists are eligible (up to 4 members). The conditions offered remain the same as solo artists.

Stay in the know

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PHI Residences Immersive Web

PHI Immersive  information sessions

PHI will hold two online information sessions:

→ French information session: May 14, 2024, at 11 AM EDT
→ English information session: May 16, 2024, at 11 AM EDT

To attend, please click on the link of the appropriate session above. 

We invite you to send us your questions by email before the session. For more information on the application process, the selection process and the residency, you can send your questions to [email protected]

Frequently asked questions

Any other questions?

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About PHI

  • PHI is a cultural infrastructure dedicated to supporting contemporary art and artists probing the key agenda of our times, and facilitating access between them and the public. Composed of three entities — PHI Studio, PHI Foundation, and PHI Centre — PHI is guided by values that include generosity, rigour, the importance of community, and devotes itself to the innovation and evolution of cultural experiences that both challenge and delight.

  • To reiterate its commitment to supporting local artistic communities, and to help shape the art of tomorrow, PHI offers three artistic residency programs annually: North, Montréal and Immersive. Although each residency meets different artists’ needs, our common mission is to provide our artists in residence with the tools, support, and impetus they need to expand the scope of their practice and take it to the next level.

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