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PHI Contemporain SO IL Proposal COVER



Photo: SO–IL

Proposal by

Competitor, PHI Contemporary International Architecture Competition

See their Strategic Proposal for Stage 1

Watch their video presentation

"PHI's broad view connects past, present, and future. It resonates with a pluriform, complex, and inclusive consciousness. Immersion into its spaces unlocks paths toward new directions. The marker - a construct tasked to pivot bodies in motion - underpins the design's concept. The building directs our dynamic bodies. It proposes an experiential framework for spatial and temporal navigation, stimulating cross-pollination through juxtaposition and wonder. Taking cues from navigational stone piles erected by indigenous peoples, as from masonry construction methods of early settlements, we conceive of a spatial array through the simple act of stacking."

—SO–IL, an excerpt from their Proposal for PHI Contemporary


PHI Contemporain Architects SO IL Vincent Tullo Cover
Photo: Vincent Tullo