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PHI Contemporain Smiljan Radic Proposal COVE Rv2


Photo: Smiljan Radić Architecte – Inversiones Sin Mas

Proposal by
Smiljan Radić Architecte – Inversiones Sin Mas

Competitor, PHI Contemporary International Architecture Competition

See their Strategic Proposal for Stage 1

Watch their video presentation

"A space of contemporary art should be an emptied BODY PREPARED to be dismembered. It is an open field of action because contemporary means not predictable. We can only foresee an ATMOSPHERE OF VANISHING POINTS, always on the run.

Contemporary affairs don't need rooms but SUPPORTS. Not only in the infrastructural sense (as a theatrical attrezzatura) but also regarding the very character of the space where they unfold. 

A space that is always pushed to turn into SOMETHING else, but in a certain way.

A light scaffolding comprising slim beams and polished steel columns supports the PHI interior. Black, corrugated concrete slabs, thick curtains, aluminum and glass partitions define different realms within it. Thus, the interior becomes a kind of infrastructure that aims to prevent OBSOLESCENCE."

—Smiljan Radić Architecte – Inversiones Sin Mas, an excerpt from their Proposal for PHI Contemporary