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PHI Contemporain Dorte Mandrup Proposal COVER


Photo: Dorte Mandrup

Proposal by
Dorte Mandrup

Finalist, PHI Contemporary International Architecture Competition

See their Strategic Proposal for Stage 1
→ See their Architectural Proposal for Stage 2

Watch their video presentation

"'On the observational side, by far the most important development has been the measurement of fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background radiation by COBE (the Cosmic Background Explorer satellite) and other collaborations. These fluctuations are the fingerprints of creation, tiny initial irregularities in the otherwise smooth and uniform early universe that later grew into galaxies, stars, and all the structures we see around us. Their form agrees with the predictions of the proposal that the universe has no boundaries or edges in the imaginary time direction; but further observations will be necessary to distinguish this proposal from other possible explanations for the fluctuations in the background. However, within a few years we should know whether we can believe that we live in a universe that is completely self-contained and without beginning or end.'

—Steven Hawking / From revised foreword, "A brief history of time"

As you cannot stabilize or freeze, space or objects in time, we propose to create a fluid and changeable connectedness, between spaces, interior and exterior, institution and public, and between the specificity of place to the Global context."

—Dorte Mandrup, an excerpt from their Proposal for PHI Contemporary


PHI Contemporain Architects Dorte Mandrup colour credit Volker Renner COVE Rv2
Photo: Volker Renner