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PHI Contemporain Bruther Proposal COVE Rv2



Photo: Bruther

Proposal by

Finalist, PHI Contemporary International Architecture Competition

See their Strategic Proposal for Stage 1
See their Architectural Proposal for Stage 2

Watch their video presentation

"After the PHI Foundation and PHI Centre, PHI Contemporain is the third piece of a new type of cultural facility in Montreal. This new element (with a generous surface area of 5,000 square metres) cannot be summed up as yet another "temple museum" or "monument museum", but as an open and dynamic place, designed above all for the public. Its vocation is not only to welcome and showcase contemporary creation, but to stimulate it, and even to produce it in situ."

—Bruther, an excerpt from their Proposal for PHI Contemporary


PHI Contemporain Architects Bruther copyright Marvin Leuvrey COVER