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PHI Event Centre Mixtape Jean Marc COVE Rv2

Photo: Judy Servay

A new exhibition on the career
of Jean-Marc Vallée

Experience it at the PHI Centre in 2024!

Mixtape is a unique sensory experience that allows visitors to explore the work of Jean-Marc Vallée, but above all, it's an invitation to delve into the artist's mind, to discover what inspired him in his daily life, what influenced him during his creative process, and what was transposed to the big screen. Mixtape will be made up of several installations addressing different themes under three main narratives: his quests, his contradictions and his process.

Mixtape will also feature Jean-Marc Vallée's two short films, a few artifacts, and multiple memories, traces, and stories from his friends and collaborators. Music and sound take a central role at the heart of the experience, as an integral part of the environment and narrative.

Beyond the museum experience, mediation and satellite programming will deepen visitors' understanding of the works through discussions, events and master classes. Music programming (performances and listening room) will also accompany the presentation at the PHI Centre.

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PHI Event Mixtape Jean Marc Vallee IMG1
Photo: Malina Saval

About the artist

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