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Marjolaine Bourdua
Emma Haraké
Kama La Mackerel
Helena Martin Franco

Curator: Daniel Fiset

As a way to better distinguish the PHI Foundation’s role within the contemporary art ecosystems of Montréal, Québec, and Canada, we’ve often stated that, contrary to museums, the PHI Foundation does not have a collection. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Along with the steady presentation of exhibitions since 2007, we’ve amassed a tremendous amount of objects, reflections, ideas, and experiences that constitute a full-fledged collection. While it is partially accessible through the documentation of our activities, much of it remains hidden, immaterial, inaccessible, even invisible.

The accumulation of these traces brings to mind the primary element in Lee Bae’s work: charcoal. Derived from the combustion of another material, it is both the by-product of fire and its fuel.

In an effort to be more responsive to the present context—which has shaken an already precarious cultural milieu—and in keeping with our mandate of facilitating connections through art, the Foundation will invite four people to use its education room as a work space and to reactivate our archives through different interventions. The public will be able to gradually discover these projects during the four months of the exhibition Lee Bae: UNION.