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We Live in an Ocean of Air

  • Virtual Reality
  • Nature
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PHI Centre Spaces B + C
315 Saint-Paul St West
Montreal, Quebec, H2Y 2M3

Duration of the visit: 15 minutes from the time indicated on the ticket  

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and
Sunday: 10 am to 7 pm
*Last show is at 6:40 pm

Friday and Saturday: 10 am to 9 pm
*Last show is at 8:40 pm

Closed on Mondays

13 years old +

General Admission: $15 - $24.75
Student (13+)*: $12 - $19.75
65+: $13 - $21.75

Groups (10 people and +)**: $12.75
School Groups**: $12

Price excluding taxes

*The experience is restricted to an audience that is 13 years and older 

**Group reservations at [email protected]

Follow the path of your own breath in an immersive multi-sensory installation that will reveal the invisible connections between you and the forest - 15 minutes of pure meditation.

PHI Centre We Live MS 1000x668 2 PHI Centre We Live MS 1000x668

Immerse Yourself in nature

We Live in an Ocean of Air is a multi-sensory immersive installation that illuminates the invisible—but fundamental—connection that ties animals and plants, the human and natural worlds, into a wondrous rhythm that underpins life on Earth.  

Standing in the liminal space between art, science and technology, it blurs the boundaries of installation, live performance and virtual reality, enchanting the everyday world by revealing the natural forces that exist around us. It offers an alternative platform to address the challenges facing our planet in the twenty-first century and helps us to reflect on our dependence and responsibility to the organisms with which we share it. 

From the food we eat, the water we drink, or the air we breathe, humanity's dependence on the natural world is absolute. The protection and regeneration of ecosystems are fundamental to our collective future. Marshmallow Laser Feast confronts these issues head-on through a magical and moving experience—and invites you to join them on it.

The Experience

Your experience takes place in Sequoia National Park, home to the Giant Sequoia trees. Share a breath with the forest and witness the unseen connection between plant and human.

Lasting 15 minutes and accommodating two groups of 5 people simultaneously, visitors will use a unique combination of technologies: from untethered virtual reality, heart rate monitors, and breath sensors to body tracking. You will be completely immersed in a world beyond human perception.

See the Invisible

PHI Centre We Live MS 1000x1500

The Artists

We Live in an Ocean of Air was made by London-based immersive art collective Marshmallow Laser Feast in collaboration with Natan Sinigaglia and Mileece I’Anson.

Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF) creates immersive experiences, expanding perception and exploring our connection with the natural world. Fusing architectural tools, contemporary imaging techniques, and performance with tactile forms, MLF sculpt spaces that lay dormant until animated by curiosity and exploration. Informed as much by playfulness as research, MLF breaks the boundaries to worlds beyond our senses.


  • Concept: Marshmallow Laser Feast

    Directed by: Ersin Han Ersin, Barnaby Steel, Robin McNicholas

    In collaboration with

    Natan Sinigaglia and Mileece I’Anson

    Executive Producer: New Balloon

    Executive Producer: Eleanor (Nell) Whitley

    Executive Producer: Mike Jones

    Executive Producer: Josh Ponte

    Technical Director: Louis Mustill

    Touring Producer: Andrew Stone

    User Experience Designer: Mimi Poskitt

    Producer: Anna Firbank

    Concept Advisor: Sam Smit

    Botany Advisor: Dr Jo Elworthy

    Advisor on respiratory physiology: Professor Michael Depledge CBE FRCP

  • Visual direction, system design and graphics programming: Natan Sinigaglia

    Sound design, soundscape, plant bio-data capture and composition: Mileece I’Anson

    System design and graphics programming: checksum5 and vvvv: Elias Holzer, joreg, Sebastian Gregor, Tebjan Halm

    VVVV Developer: Will Young

    VVVV Developer: Randall Vazquez

    Fluid Simulation Design: Johannes Timpernagel

    Graphics Programming: Kyle McLean

    Technical artist: Adam Heslop

    Electronics Engineer: Sean Malikides

    Product Designer: Tom Forsyth

    Chief Tinkerer: Arron Smith

    Multisensory Design and Olfactive system: The Feelies

    Creative Director: Grace Boyle

    Perfumer: Andreas Wilhelm

    Scent deployment unit product design: Martyn Carter

    Scent deployment unit technical design: Karl Wustrau

  • VoodooVR - Engineered immersive experiences: Alec Lane & Jan Breens

    Technician: Adi Wiedersheim Sendagorta

    Technician: Thomas Begley

    R&D Point Cloud Scans: Egmontas Geras

    Environment VFX Producer: Toby Matthews

    Environment VFX Coordinator: Rachael Gordon

    Environment VFX Supervisor: Jonathan Hancock

    Environment 3D Digital Artist: Sam Hunt

    Environment Junior 3D Generalist: Dwayne Green

    Environment Head of 3D: Sandy Heslop

    Additional assets: Megascan, Quixels

    Additional Houdini Asset Preparation: Lewis Saunders

    Promo VFX Animation, look Dev: Erik ferguson

    Promo VFX technical director: Ole Geir Eidsheim

    Promo Modelling: Mads Ringdal and Erik Ferguson

    Promo Sound Design: James Bulley

    Voiceover Artist: Verity Henry

  • Head of Finance: Matthew Dale

    Studio Manager: Aisha Saeed

    Brand Consultancy: Pollitt & Partners

Cultural Partner

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