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Credit (Cover Photo + Portraits of Creators): © Mallory Lowe Mpoka

In Flux: Poetry Films
How Does Black Creativity Manifest?

  • Exhibition
  • Last Chance
  • Film
  • Poetry
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PHI Centre Espace Rhino
315 Saint-Paul St West
Montreal, Quebec, H2Y 2M3

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday: 10 am to 7 pm
*Last show is at 6:20 pm

Friday and Saturday:
10 am to 9 pm
*Last show is at 8:20pm

Closed on Mondays

Admission is free, but a reservation is required

Discover a new series of short films made by Montreal's emerging Black artists.


In Flux is a series of poetry films by Montreal-based Black creators who aim to define, redefine, and interpret Black creativity in their own ways. Briefed to work within the vertical format of 16:9, the creators embraced this narrow aspect ratio to display wide-ranging expressions of Black creativity—a constant force of reinvention and renewal, encompassing a spectrum of backgrounds, disciplines, stories, and experiences.

PHI piloted the In Flux platform, which offered support, knowledge-sharing, and space to young content creators and filmmakers—to tell their own stories, continue to break down boundaries and challenge institutional frameworks. During the process, they were guided by established practitioners in their respective fields. The mentors included Eva Kabuya, Roen Higgins, Rito Joseph, Miryam Charles, Vladimir Delva, George Fok, Miro LaFlaga, and Ash Phillips.

Éclosion Photo credit IAMTRENDLINE


A young woman’s quest for self-actualization as her past, present, and future collides and triggers remembrance of self.

Created by

Web Mentors 11 Laureat Bethyna St Laurent

Bethyna Saint Laurent, Team Leader + Creative Director & Producer

Bethyna Saint Laurent is the 24-year-old mastermind behind IAMTRENDLINE. During the past four years, she built her production company to highlight up-and-coming artists and creatives from Montreal.

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Web Mentors 11 Laureat Winno A Daniel

Winno A. Daniel, Photographer & PR Manager

Winno Alain Daniel is the photographic eye and PR Manager of IAMTRENDLINE. His work centres around valuing the process of creative interpretation by bringing a sense of humility towards one’s work and abilities.

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Web Mentors 11 Laureat Collins Delva

Collins Delva, Graphic Designer & Stylist

Collins Delva is a passionate graphic designer rooted in the representation and celebration of Black women. Delva dedicates himself to enacting positive change by showcasing appreciation through his work and content. He aspires to bring Black luxury towards new levels of awareness, having interned for many local brands.

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Web Mentors 11 Laureat Rosenante Laurent

Rose Laurent, Author & Poet

Rosenante Laurent is a 21-year-old multifaceted artist who first discovered her desire for a creative life at church. She explored different creative ventures ranging from dance, music production, graphic design, and photography from that point on. Today, she dares to dream and heal through poetry and painting.

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Web Mentors 11 Laureat Steff Gakuru

Steff Gakuru, Researcher & Production Assistant

Steffanie Munyinyi-Gakuru studies Sociology and Political Science and is the Central Coordinator and President of an African-Caribbean synergic inter-organizational network (@acsion.concordia) at Concordia University. With an eye for justice, she strives to push one’s perspectives past limitations.

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Poésie F Ilms Ethereal
Credit: M Mucyo


An intimate portrayal of the creative process of a painter. The film reflects on the restricted place that Black creativity occupies in a society that refuses to recognize it.

Created by

Web Mentors 11 Laureat Maxime Mucyo

M Mucyo, Team Leader & Director

M Mucyo is an artist of Rwandan origin who is interested in diversifying narratives. Through a multidisciplinary practice, he reflects on the human condition. In his most recent work, he has focused specifically on the condition of Black people. He is currently working on a collection of interactive short stories dealing with immigration and multiple identities.

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Web Mentors 11 Laureat Malcom Odd

Malcom Odd, Multidisciplinary Artist

Malcolm Odd is an artist-poet committed to a transdisciplinary approach to the importance of the imagination. Odd is interested in the philosophy of anarchic art, the reinforcement of spiritual encounters, and the ethics of artistic practices as a happy character of lack.

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Web Mentors 11 Laureat Herve Kajiji

Hervé Kajiji, Fashion Student & Cultural Promoter

Originally from Burundi, Hervé Kajiji immigrated to Canada at a young age. After decades of pursuing his passion for soccer, Kajiji turned to his interest in fashion. He is currently studying Fashion Management and Design. Last year he created DatSoundRadio, a platform that promotes an array of musical artists and offers diverse playlists to discover new music.

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Web Mentors 11 Laureat Kalthoum Sitta

Kalthoum Sitta, Screenwriter

Kalthoum Sitta explores the simple idea of evoking emotion through experiences that bring people together. She studied at UQAM in Communications and Cultural Action, which informed her work as a Cultural Events Organizer, eventually leading her to film. At Rosemont College, Sitta developed an interest in scriptwriting and directing.
PATHS Credit Camille Dubois Ouellet
Credit: Camille Dubois Ouellet


The film examines the importance of community in the journey of black creators. By layering evocative images of Blackness atop a main linear storyline, the film shows how life, creativity and belonging intertwine for Black artists.

Created by

Web Mentors 11 Laureat Christian

Christian Boakye-Agyeman, Team Leader + Director & Screenwriter

Christian Boakye-Agyeman is a filmmaker and creative director based in Montreal. He developed a script, Lost in Arizona, as part of the 2020 Je me vois à l'écran screenwriting residency presented by the Black on Black Films collective and the Montreal Arts Council. In his filmmaking, Christian explores and deconstructs masculinity within the Black experience while bringing to light the intersectionalities within Black identities.

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Web Mentors 11 Laureat Laetitia Angba

Laetitia Angba, Executive Producer & Screenwriter

Born in the Ivory Coast and raised in Montreal, Laetitia is a young cosmopolitan driven to change the world. A seasoned manager, she worked in the social and community sectors before joining a para-municipal organization. Wanting to develop her creativity and skills as a storyteller, she participated in the second edition of Je me vois à l'écran, orchestrated by Black on Black Films and the Montreal Arts Council. Her script Lana was awarded the jury prize at the Rendez-Vous Québec Cinéma.

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Web Mentors 11 Laureat Florence Rosalie

Florence M. Rosalie Dubois, Art Direction

Florence is a Franco-Congolese poet who grew up in Montreal. She holds a Master's degree in Creative Writing from the University of Montreal and a Bachelor's degree in Translation from Concordia University. Her favourite themes are intermediality, feminism, religion and cultural identity. After turning to screenwriting, she wrote a short film in 2020, with the support of the Indigenous Screen Office, exploring religion and Sapphic love in Montreal's Black communities.

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Montreal-born artist Mallory Lowe Mpoka was commissioned to produce a portrait of the In Flux creators, presented alongside a selection of original works. In The Self-Portraits Project, Lowe evokes her sub-Saharan African ancestry and subverts the theatrical style of studio portraiture practiced by legendary African photographers such as Seydou Keïta, Samuel Fosso, and others. In the series I Am a Story, Lowe explores the multitudes of the self and the fluidity of Blackness.

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  • Created and produced by

    Founder and Chief Creative Officer at PHI
    Phoebe Greenberg

  • Concept
    George Fok & Marie-France Barbier

    Creative Direction, Strategy and Creative Consultants
    Six Cinquième

  • Created in collaboration with
    Rito Joseph, Roen Higgins, Ash Phillips and Miro LaFlaga

    Special acknowledgements
    nènè myriam konaté & Lucas LaRochelle

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