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PHI Event Centre Igloofest2023 COVER

Après-Ski Igloofest

  • Performance
  • Last Chance
  • Music
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PHI Centre Espace 1
315 Saint-Paul St West
Montreal, Quebec, H2Y 2A3

Weekend 1:
January 20 to 21

Weekend 2:
January 27 to 28 

Weekend 3:
February 3 to 4 

Weekend 4:
February 10 to 11

Doors: 11 pm
Show: 11 pm

18 years old +

AVALANCHE WARNING! Extreme conditions are expected from January 20 to February 11, 2023 for the 15th anniversary of Igloofest. Let's meet in the storm.

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8 après-ski evenings at PHI

Igloofest Montreal has prepared an exciting offering to celebrate its 15th anniversary. From Friday, January 20 to Saturday, February 11, and following its regular programming at the Jacques-Cartier Pier, the party will continue to be in full swing with more than 25 Après-Ski evenings in Old Montreal, from 11 pm to 3 am. From the PHI Centre to the Auberge Saint-Gabriel, Francesco's and Soubois, the avalanche of electrifying rhythms and crazy moments in the heart of Montreal's winter will be unstoppable! The 15th edition of the festival will close with a night of musical euphoria at the Society for Arts and Technology, with a grand finale on Sunday, February 12 at 6 am, thanks to the support of the City of Montreal.

JANUARY 20, 2023

Past event

PHI Event Centre Igloofest2023 Hiroko Yamamura

Hiroko Yamamura

Taking inspiration from classic science fiction and dark anime, Hiroko lights up dance floors with an homage to the House, Acid and techno sounds that shaped the Chicago Rave Sound.

SoundCloud ↗
Instagram ↗
PHI Event Centre Igloofest2023 Salome

Opening act - Salomé

For Salomé, less is always more. She defines her sound with minimal grooves and hypnotic atmospheres

SoundCloud ↗

JANUARY 21, 2023

Past event

PHI Event Centre Igloofest2023 Stereoclip


1989 Brussels-born Stereoclip composes a deep, vocal, and mysterious techno music. Thrown in the front of the electronic music landscape after the success of his first album, the Belgian icon now delivers new inspirations to festivals, clubs, and concert halls alike around the world.

Instagram ↗
PHI Event Centre Igloofest2023 Dim Kelly

Dim Kelly

A self-taught musician, Brussels-based Dim Kelly is a DJ, composer and producer who has spent the last 25 years exploring various styles from hip-hop to electronic to classical music.

SoundCloud ↗
Instagram ↗
PHI Event Centre Igloofest2023 Laure

Opening act - Laure

Inspired by her brother (@odnmusique) and his love for atmospheric soundscapes and tight grooves, she finds herself exploring a new passion, a new way to live and explore — she lives through the sounds.

Instagram ↗

JANUARY 27, 2023

Past event

PHI Event Centre Igloofest2023 Jessy Lanza

Jessy Lanza

Jessy Lanza is an outlier whose decades-spanning inspirations range from synth pop and post-disco R&B to underground dance music such as footwork.

Soundcloud ↗
Instagram ↗
PHI Event Centre Igloofest2023 Devo B

Opening act - Devo B

Devo B’s DJ style is a melange of electronic, rave and rare grooves complimented with an 808 beat.

SoundCloud ↗

JANUARY 28, 2023

Past event

PHI Event Centre Igloofest2023 Marcellus Pittman

Marcellus Pittman

When other children were playing combat with G.I. Joe action figures in the early 80’s, Detroit native Marcellus “Malik” Pittman was playing his radio at maximum volume, listening to the sounds of “the Wizzard” and the “Electrifying Mojo”, in addition to the jazz outputs of Rosetta Hines. He is well known for helping to define an integral part of the Detroit sound.

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PHI Event Centre Igloofest2023 Rotary Club Alexis Monet

FEBRUARY 3, 2023

Past event

PHI Event Centre Igloofest2023 Anthony Naples

Anthony Naples

Anthony Naples is a New York City based musician, producer, and co-founder of the record label Incienso. Hailing from a community of producers and DJs with panoramic views, he quickly distinguished himself as a major agitator.

Bandcamp ↗

PHI Event Centre Igloofest2023 DJ Python

DJ Python

DJ Python is one of the aliases of Brian Piñeyro, also known as DJ Wey. He works with deep reggaeton sounds, merging dembow rhythms with the sound characteristics of deep house.

SoundCloud ↗
PHI Event Centre Igloofest2023 anabasine

Opening act - anabasine

anabasine has been developing a sharp ear for the sideways sides of techno and broken bass rhythms for almost a decade. A founding member of rave collective LAGOM he also hosts radio shows Anglerfish Radio on and Enough Is More Than A Feast on CKUT.

SoundCloud ↗
Instagram ↗
Facebook ↗

FEBRUARY 4, 2023

Past event

PHI Event Centre Igloofest2023 Apres Ski AADJA
PHI Event Centre Igloofest2023 Omar Hamdi

Opening act - Omar Hamdi

Omar Hamdi was bewitched by the Montréal scene when he arrived in 2013. Since then, he has built his style by constantly looking for new hypnotic, mental and industrial tones. His multifaceted techno and energetic sets convey a broad spectrum of emotions.

SoundCloud ↗

FEBRUARY 10, 2023

Past event

*Due to reasons out of our control, Yung Singh will not be able to join us on Friday February 10. Igloofest has worked tirelessly to find a replacement that meets expectations: we are pleased to announce that Narciss will be taking over the slot!

For those who wish to be refunded, please email your full name and order number at [email protected] by March 10. Please note that refunds may take up to thirty (30) business days depending on the processing time of the financial institution.

PHI Event Centre Apres Ski Igloofest Narciss 10 fev
PHI Event Centre Igloofest2023 Honeydrip

Opening act - Honeydrip

Honeydrip is a producer and DJ based in Montreal with electroacoustic Caribbean-infused electronic sounds that are sweet like honey yet sometimes bitter.

SoundCloud ↗

FEBRUARY 11, 2023

Past event

PHI Event Centre Igloofest2023 Francois X

François X

François Xavier-Zoumenou, aka François X, is a DJ and musician from Paris who has forged his position as an artist of note in the world of electronic music. One can capture themes of love and passion through his music to guide those in attendance into a state of freedom, trance and ecstasy.

SoundCloud ↗
Instagram ↗
PHI Event Centre Igloofest2023 Bittercaress Vika Krsb vika krsb

Opening act - BitterCaress

For several years now, BitterCaress has been pursuing her own musical path. Her style is best described as ravy and highly energetic as she draws her inspiration from old school techno, mixing ravy and trancy atmospheres with raw and industrial energies.

SoundCloud ↗
Instagram ↗
Facebook ↗

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