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PHI Event Centre Gayanceand The Jazz Cats Christina Rateau COVE Rv2
Photo: Christina Rateau

Gayance & the Jazz Cats

  • Performance
  • Music
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PHI Centre Espace 1
315 Saint-Paul St West
Montreal, Quebec, H2Y 2A3

Doors: 7 PM
Show: 8 PM

Price in advance: $20 (fees included)
Price at the door: $22.53

Taxes not included

The artist returns with her critically acclaimed debut album Mascarade on British Black-owned label Rhythm Section and brings fellow Montrealers along for the ride for a North American premiere of her live band performance.

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PHI Event Centre Gayanceandthe Jazz Cats credit Christina Rateau IMG2v3
Photo: Christina Rateau


Mascarade is a collection of broken rhythms, interwoven with heartfelt stories and joyful melodies that move between poetic, soulful odes to the past, accounts of the Afro-diasporic, feminine experience and playfully energetic, dance floor grooves.

Gayance teams up with Janette King, Hua Li, Judith Little D, Émile Farley, David Ryshpan and Raveen (PHI North Residency in St-Adèle, Quebec) to make intricate, laid-back, jazz, house and bruk rhythms. She will present a live version of her show which will be a North American premiere after performing in iconic venues such as Jazz Cafe London, Casa da Artes in Porto, Parallele in Amsterdam to name a few from her Spring 2023 tour.

Stay tuned for a very special guest!


→ Aïsha C. Vertus alias Gayance
    Vocals, drum programming, percussion
→ Sarah Makonnen alias Sarah MK
    Vocals, vocal director
→ Judith Little D
    Vocals, vocal director
→ Janette King
→ Peggy Hogan
    Alias Hua Li vocals, lead keyboardist
→ Harvey Drums
→ Peggy Hogan
→ Emile Farley
    Bass, guitar
→ Eric Seguin

PHI Event Centre Gayanceandthe Jazz Cats credit Christina Rateau IMG2v3
Photo: Christina Rateau

About Gayance

An artist-entrepreneur by nature, Aïsha Vertus by name, this Saturnian, Capricorn is an expansive vessel of creativity, redefining the DJ / producer / songwriter / singer prefix and so much more.

Gayance, the pseudonym of Aïsha Vertus, has been gaining momentum through original sets since 2013 and self released music since 2021. Growing up in Montreal-Nord, Canada, Aïsha has since made multiple artistic families around Europe and in Latin America - spreading joy and connection wherever she resides. She's a nomad.

Her maternal Grandfather played Haitian-Cuban influenced gospels in church and showed her how music can touch, gather and uplift people. A gift she’s paid attention and respect to along her path. This year, Gayance will also birth Mascarade - origin story, the short art film directed by Maïlis, coming out very soon.

Receiving inspiration from fellow rebels and pioneers such as Betty Davis, Bob Marley, Gal Costa, Eddie Hazel as well as contemporaries, Flying Lotus, IG Culture and Little Dragon.

Gayance has a mind to move and surprise us and is actively doing just that. She will be presenting her live performance: Gayance & The Jazz Cats with Montrealer's stellar musician line up for a vibrant night to dance, rage and hopefully feel empowered.

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