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Food Core

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PHI Centre Espace Plateau 
315 Saint-Paul St West
Montreal, Quebec, H2Y 2M3

Tuesday, September 11 (Aaron Langille and Maya Hey)
6 pm
7:30 pm

Wednesday, September 12 (Simon Mathys and Ève Dumas)
6 pm
7:30 pm

Tickets: $43.39
Taxes and fees included

A passport to essential ingredients with chefs Aaron Langille and Simon Mathys.

Food Core is an invitation for Montreal foodies to taste, explore and learn, thereby contributing to our collective knowledge of food staples. It is a collaboration between a chef and a scholar to present a basic food item before it has been overly processed and demonstrating how it can transform in magical ways. Together, our presenters will break it down to its basic chemical components, explore its social and historical contexts and surprise us with its possibilities.

In a playful gourmet environment and with a democratic approach, participants will be invited to explore the featured food hands-on and explode preconceived ideas around it: Where does it come from? What does it say about us? What directions can it take us in?

On the menu are three angles of exploration:

1. Chemistry and nature: What are the food’s chemical components? For example, what makes olive oil olive oil?
2. Historical and social backdrop: How has this food been produced and enjoyed (or not) over time?
3. The element of surprise: Does this common food still have any potential to surprise us, and how?

This edition will explore corn as a basic ingredient.

Tuesday, September 11:
In the presence of chef Aaron Langille and author Maya Hey.
Hosted primarily in English.

Wednesday, September 12:
In the presence of chef Simon Mathys and journalist Ève Dumas.
Hosted primarily in French.


Chef and owner of the wine bar and restaurant Le Diplomate, Aaron Langille serves up small plates meant to be shared, tapas style, as well as mainly natural wines. One of the most exciting chefs in Montreal, Langille made his mark at Club Chasse et Pêche, Café Sardine and Orange Rouge, and has worked in the kitchens of Noma (Copenhagen) and Comerç 24 (Barcelona). He’s a sought-after speaker and facilitator and was featured in the programming of Omnivore Montréal.

A public scholar at Concordia University, Maya Hey studies the intersections between the culinary arts, feminist theory, and fermentation. She teaches in the department of Communication Studies and was recently awarded the Vanier scholarship by the Government of Canada. With backgrounds in nutrition sciences and gastronomy, she carries over 12 years of experience facilitating discussions around contemporary food issues.

Chef at the popular Manitoba Restaurant, whose flavours draw on our wild terroir, Simon Mathys first got attention alongside Daniel Vézina at the Laurie-Raphaël in Québec City, before leaving to intern at a starred restaurant in France. He then rose through the ranks, as sous-chef at Les Cons Servent, chef at Bar & Bœuf, then co-owner of Racines, and finally as featured chef at Accords bistro and wine bar in Old Montreal until 2016.

Journalist with the Ottawa daily newspaper Le Droit and then with La Presse since 2001, Ève Dumas mainly writes for the gourmet section, telling the stories of chefs, farmers, winemakers, distillers and other food artisans from here and elsewhere. She also contributes to specialized food magazines such as Omnivore Foodbook and Caribou, covering topics she feels passionate about: natural wines, organic farming and signature cuisine.

Photos: Randy Hogg (Aaron Langille) + Philippe Richelet (Simon Mathys) + courtesy (Ève Dumas)

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