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PHI Centre Space C 
315 Saint-Paul St West
Montreal, Quebec, H2Y 2M3

As an additional offer to your Lashing Skies ticket, this installation is open to those looking to extend their immersive audio journey.   

*Please see Lashing Skies' start times to best plan your visit.

14 years old +

Experiencing this installation is included in your Lashing Skies ticket.
*The experience is recommended for children aged 14 and older. However, we will also accept children between the ages of 11 and 13 if they are accompanied by an adult.

Presented for the first time in Canada, ETERNAL is a 20-minute immersive audio experience for one person, alone in a bed. It explores the quandary of eternal life and wonders what price you would settle for to achieve it.

Created by

Eternal Darkfield Radio IMG1
“I want you to believe…to believe in things you cannot.”

—Bram Stoker

Created in 2020, and having its origins in Bram Stoker’s influential novel Dracula, ETERNAL is a creepy re-visiting of our childhood fears of things that linger in the dark.

We dare you to keep your eyes closed for the entire 20 minutes as you lay in the dark with your headset. As an eerie voice lures you into the fantasy of eternal life – would you take your chances on a cure for aging and death?

Eternal Darkfield Radio IMG2


DARKFIELD produces innovative immersive experiences at the forefront of technology and theatre - both location based experiences and digital work. DARKFIELD’s location based work utilises striking sets and shipping containers, binaural 360 degree sound, complete darkness and a variety of sensory effects, where each participant is situated at the centre of intense, evolving narratives. New project DARKFIELD RADIO brings DARKFIELD’s work and binaural audio into the audience's environment via a phone app - their home, their car, their local park become the setting for strange worlds to unfold around them, stealing them away from reality.

Alongside partners around the world, DARKFIELD is touring the work in the UK, Australia & New Zealand, China, US & Canada, South Korea and Mexico and have so far reached over 250,000 audience members worldwide, and counting.


The DARKFIELD RADIO app is a brand new innovative form of entertainment directly responding to the new age we are living in, immersing audiences in strange and curious worlds in their own home and bringing new meaning to the familiar spaces we inhabit. The first season of shows launched in July 2020 to critical acclaim, featuring in major film festivals such as Venice International Film Festival, IDFA and Raindance Film Festival, and winning Columbia’s Digital Storytelling Lab’s Breakthrough Award in recognition of the year’s most innovative narrative.

ETERNAL Darkfield Radio IMG3



    Lloyd Hutchinson

    Raul Fernandes

    David Rosenberg & Glen Neath


    Matthew Blake

    Glen Neath

    David Rosenberg

    Victoria Eyton

    Sara Codrington & Mario Ruiz

    Brigitte Poupart

    Liam Rees

    Alex Purcell

    Bram Stoker Festival

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