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PHI Event Centre Beats180 credit Camille Gladu Drouin COVER
Photo: Camille Gladu-Drouin


  • Performance
  • Dance
  • Technology
  • Mixed Arts
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PHI Centre Espace 1
315 Saint-Paul St West
Montreal, Quebec, H2Y 2A3

May 25: 7 PM
May 26: 7 PM & 9 PM
May 27: 7 PM

All ages

General admission: $34.75
*Student special: $25
*Children's special: $15

*Children under 13 years old & students may be required to present I.D.

Price including service fees, excluding taxes

A performance at the crossroads of contemporary dance, digital arts and design. Created by the transdisciplinary BEATS Collective to question our relationship with work and technology.

Presented by

Three transdisciplinary performers are mechanically activated on stage; their gestures are studied, their rhythm calculated. A stick lights up and the vibrations of a stethoscope resonate. The latter two elements influence and are influenced by the movements of the bodies, the visual projections and the ambient sound, creating a loop in which the components react in a synchronized manner. This interactive bidirectional approach highlights the permeability of the borders between the explored disciplines while also reflecting, from an intimate perspective, on the endless and oppressive cycle of productivity that work can plunge into.

In this 50-minute multimedia performance rich in contrast, the performers seek to find balance between themselves and their environment in order to catch their breath. And, most importantly, they invite us to do the same.

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Watch the official BEATS 180 teaser | 0m27s

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