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Marilou Lyonnais A.

Marilou Lyonnais A.

Marilou Lyonnais A. (LOUM) presents a reflective work on the current digital condition, through a multidisciplinary approach. Marilou’s visual practice is guided by her anecdotal relationship to the world, as well as by referentiality, music and new technologies. She’s applied this approach to her solo exhibition, INVALID, at Never Apart, to her music projects and to her numerous artistic collaborations, exhibited in major cultural institutions across Montreal. Her installation project, called DATA EYES: Plier des sites internet (Folding websites), is a study on the phenomenon of the times, derived from the post-internet and post-photographic condition. By projecting websites on origami affixed to a wall, and then capturing them through photography, Marilou creates an offline Internet place.

Parallel Lines

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