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23 Residence PHI Nord Cosmic Cosmic 1920x1080

Cosmic Cosmic | PHI North


January 25 to February 9, 2024

The collective known as Cosmic Cosmic brings together the talents of Moon Apple, Piu, and MAYSUN. By harnessing their diverse backgrounds and skills, they create a mesmerizing musical experience that spans across a spacetime of electronic music, from ethereal ambient compositions to infectious rhythmic dance tracks, all enhanced by lush and captivating vocals.

Moon Apple, an audio engineer and experimental electronic music producer, explores paradoxical phenomena in her music through creative processing and self-made samples. Piu, an Indo-Canadian vocalist, composer, and producer, is known for her genre-bending music which blends Indian raga, ambient soundscapes and hard-hitting analog synth grooves. MAYSUN, a versatile composer, drummer, and sound artist, is renowned for his ability to create immersive soundscapes.

Together, Cosmic Cosmic strives to strike a delicate balance between the extraordinary and the relatable, creating a sound that is both unique and universal.

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