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Poetry and tea installation
Poetry and Tea Installation at the PHI Centre

Poetry and Tea

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Teatime has never been so revealing as eleven artists interpret their favourite poem.

Poetry and Tea invites you to a timeless teatime, where eleven headliners from the cultural scene pull up a chair and show themselves in a different light. This innovative video series is the result of an invitation launched by PHI to its valued collaborators during recent encounters or performances. Singers, musicians, and directors all took up the intriguing challenge to choose a poem that has touched their heart or inspired them on their journey, then recite it while savouring a cup of tea and sharing with us a moment of quiet introspection.

In a peaceful Zen atmosphere, infused with the evanescent charm of the mingled scents of steaming tea and exotic blossoms, Casey Spooner, Peaches, Milk & Bone, Lydia Képinski, YesMccan and other friends of PHI explore uncensored the interplay between rhymes and sounds, transforming pure art into pure pleasure. Above all, they invite us to make a place within for words that denounce, rhythms that soothe, and images that dare. Amorous feelings, maternal distress, devastating racism, spiritual quests, demands for social justice; the words paint a revealing portrait of their interpreters, introducing us to some of the new voices of contemporary poetry. Tea time has never been so infused with emotion.



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