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PHI Perspectives: Lessons when archiving digital artifacts

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PHI Perspectives consists of a series of conferences with influential figures organized by the PHI Centre, every iteration sharing a common ambition—to re-evaluate our age-old systems, and to propose a shift in established models. Each event will act as material for videos on contemporary issues, commented by Cheryl Sim, Managing Director and Curator at the PHI Foundation. A journey through evolving thoughts, between theory and change, balancing technology and narration, and producing knowledge for future generations.

2020, in many ways, was a year of profound shift for us all. The acceleration of certain futures predicted for the next 10 years is taking place right now in front of us. It was anticipated for a long time that all sorts of arts and culture would shift towards the digital form. In this PHI Perspectives we try to answer a simple but essential question: what do we do with all of our content?


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