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Jessica Brillhart reads All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace, by Richard Brautigan

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Poetry and Tea

In this unique video series produced and created by PHI, artists freely explore the interplay between rhymes and sounds, sharing a quiet moment of introspection with us.

A field of flowers where mammals and computers live together harmoniously in a cybernetic meadow? Like American poet Richard Brautigan, who dreamed of an astonishing future where all would be watched over by "machines of loving grace," virtual reality theorist Jessica Brillhart is among those who fervently desire this coexistence with machines. A cybernetic ecology holds no fears for Jessica, a former filmmaker on the Google VR team who sees all of life in 3D and set the cosmos dancing to the sounds of Beethoven's 5th symphony. An MIT-acclaimed pioneer revealing her most intriguing poem? Irresistible!

"where deer stroll peacefully past computers as if they were flowers with spinning blossoms."

Machines Of Loving Grace

Excerpt read by Jessica Brillhart

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