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Eliza McNitt reads Kamilah Aisha Moon's Exploded Stars

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Poetry and Tea

In this unique video series produced and created by PHI, artists freely explore the interplay between rhymes and sounds, sharing a quiet moment of introspection with us.

Director Eliza McNitt discovered her path to the stars through science: her first documentary film, Requiem for the Honeybee, investigated the buzz surrounding the looming extinction of honeybees, victims of our poor environmental choices. Since then, she has explored the songs of the cosmos and the lessons of the Big Bang, compelling us to think deeply and raising our awareness. With her virtual reality trilogy Spheres, she plunged viewers into darkness to help them discover their inner light. With this poem by American poet Kamilah Aisha Moon, she reflects on the explosion of celestial bodies.

“it already happened, it’s happening anyway, to happen soon”

Kamilah Aisha Moon

Excerpt read by Eliza McNitt

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