INFRARED at PHI Centre: 17 sleepless nights of live broadcasting

Tonight’s broadcast includes the following artist:
Kroy - Music

Every evening from February 19th to March 7th between 7:30pm and 7am, we dare you to stay up at night and participate in a series of nocturnal live broadcasts of performative art.

At the dawn of the announcement of the reopening of our physical spaces, we were inhabited by a need to see art manifest itself in a free, pure and abundant space. The human experience regains its place in a multitude of creations ranging from choreography, projections, music and performances.

In spite of the extraordinary period in which we live, artists are present. With Infrared, the artists are invited to take over the PHI Centre making use of the entire building to conceive and produce their work. Unsupervised yet surveyed from a distance, we glimpse a night in the life of artists as they respond to the pandemic.
— Phoebe Greenberg, Founder and Chief Creative Officer at PHI

Images by Marilou Lyonnais